April 09, 2020

Defector Issues

Information related to North Korean defector issues

North Korean defector support group to send aid to elderly refugees in South

Emergency relief supplies such as food and hand sanitizer to be delivered to 636 North Korean escapees: Korea Hana

Jeongmin Kim April 6, 2020

Number of defectors reaching South Korea fell in first quarter of 2020: MOU

135 North Koreans arrived in South Korea between January and March this year, data reveals

Jeongmin Kim April 3, 2020

Fate of North Korean fishermen repatriated last year unclear, South Korea says

In response to UN refoulement concerns, Seoul admits it's unsure if the two men are still alive

Jeongmin Kim April 1, 2020

Why, for many North Korean defectors in the South, life is getting better

Refugees are optimistic and earning more money, according to recent statistics, despite their difficult circumstances

Andrei Lankov April 1, 2020

North Korean defectors and social entrepreneurship - NKNews Podcast Ep.120

Seoul Startups founder Marta Allina discusses bringing North Korean resettlers into the world of business

NK News March 24, 2020

Ask a North Korean: how much do North Koreans know about the outside world?

"Ordinary North Koreans have very skimpy knowledge about the outside world"

In-hua Kim March 18, 2020

Timeline: from coronavirus to the first missile test of the year

NK Pro timeline charts the key events from February 1 - March 2

NK Pro March 4, 2020

Ask a North Korean: can money buy freedom in the DPRK?

"Money and bribes are far more important than in South Korea"

In-hua Kim March 3, 2020

Why fewer and fewer North Korean defectors are making it to South Korea

Growing repression and increased border security have made it harder than ever for escapees

Teodora Gyupchanova February 27, 2020

North Korean media slams high-profile defector diplomat-turned-politician

Prominent escapees serving as "shock troops of inter-Korean confrontation," Meari outlet says

Jeongmin Kim February 26, 2020
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