September 25, 2020

Defector Issues

Information related to North Korean defector issues

Why North Koreans ‘double defect’ to the DPRK after risking it all to run South

Many defectors believe that they can return to North Korea unnoticed and resume normal lives — and they might be right

Andrei Lankov September 23, 2020

After a spike in tensions, Seoul says North Korea cooperates ‘in its own way’

Unification minister’s contentious remarks come as North and South reach two-years since a key military agreement

Jeongmin Kim September 16, 2020

The violence won't stop: North Korean women relive sexual assault in South Korea

Women defectors face sex trafficking and violence during their escape. But 1 in 4 face even more violence in the South.

Jeongmin Kim September 9, 2020

Ask a North Korean: Do North Koreans use dating apps like Tinder or OKCupid?

"Even holding hands in public — let alone anything like Tinder — is frowned upon as anti-socialist behavior"

In-hua Kim September 9, 2020

Timeline: From North Korean floods to another round of Kim Jong Un health rumors

NK Pro timeline charts the key events from Aug. 1 to Aug. 31

NK Pro September 1, 2020

South Korea’s defense ministry pushes for record-high $44.7 billion budget

Military strength & surveillance core to 2021 defense budget; unification ministry makes cuts to defector resettlement

Jeongmin Kim September 1, 2020

Ask a North Korean: Do rich and poor North Koreans hate each other?

"Those with money view those without it as non-human ... They work those beneath them like slaves."

Tae-il Shim August 26, 2020

'They saw us as lowlives': Defectors condemn police for investigation tactics

After leaflets raised ire in Pyongyang, Seoul police are investigating activist groups — but some say it's going too far

Jeongmin Kim August 18, 2020

Seoul court suspends plan to revoke North Korean human rights group's permit

The decision is part of a greater, ongoing case between defector-led activist groups and the unification ministry

Jeongmin Kim August 13, 2020

Human rights groups condemn South Korean government's border-area press tour

Human rights groups accuse the unification ministry of painting their activism in a negative light to foreign reporters

Jeongmin Kim August 12, 2020
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