December 05, 2020

Defector Issues

Information related to North Korean defector issues

North Korea in Nov. 2020: A month in review and what’s ahead

An analytical look at the main developments from Nov. 1, 2020 to Nov. 30, 2020

NK Pro December 3, 2020

Photos document North Korean defectors' struggle to forge a new life

A new photo book called "Unperson" explores the lives and memories of North Korean escapees now living in the South

NK News December 2, 2020

Seoul ‘anti-leaflet’ bill moves forward with heavy fines and years in prison

Lawmakers clash as bill passes first step on Wednesday, with dissenters calling it “evil” and “excessive”

Won-Gi Jung December 2, 2020

‘Tired out of our minds’: North Korean defectors recall grueling work marathons

North Koreans are in the throes of a mandated, national “labor battle” — a “torturous” time that defectors can’t forget

Jeongmin Kim November 24, 2020

Ask a North Korean: Why do some North Koreans defect via Russia and not China?

“North Korean workers are eager to go to Russia. In North Korea, they’d be working all year long for meager wages.”

Tae-il Shim November 23, 2020

Seoul police sends three North Korea human rights groups to prosecutors' office

Groups accused of violating inter-Korean exchange law by sending balloons filled with bibles or leaflets, sources say

Jeongmin Kim November 5, 2020

South Korea captures North Korean man who crossed border, issues military alert

The person likely crossed barbed wire at the eastern frontline of the border, ROK military officials told reporters

Jeongmin Kim November 3, 2020

North Korea in Oct. 2020: A month review and what’s ahead

An analytical look at the main developments from Oct. 1, 2020 to Oct. 31, 2020

NK Pro November 3, 2020

Timeline: From the military parade to Kim Jong Un's letter to Trump

NK Pro timeline charts the key events from Oct. 1 - Oct. 31

NK Pro November 2, 2020

North Korean defectors to Seoul on the rise, but nowhere near last year's count

At least 1,000 North Koreans came to the South every year for the last two decades. But so far, only 195 arrived in 2020

Kelly Kasulis October 21, 2020
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