November 21, 2019


Information related to inter-Korean developments

Kim Jong Un will not attend upcoming ASEAN summit, North Korean state media says

North Korean leader has rejected President Moon's invitation to ROK-ASEAN meeting set to kick off next Monday: KCNA

Colin Zwirko November 21, 2019

U.S. outreach to North Korea over war remains "met with silence": DPAA chief

Agency in charge of recovering POW remains still "open" to sitting down with DPRK in 2020

Jacob Fromer November 19, 2019

Party like it’s 1998: how South Korean tourism to Mount Kumgang got started

The story of how South Korea's leading dissident and a chaebol tycoon launched the historic inter-Korean project

Aidan Foster-Carter November 17, 2019

North Korea and Russia sign new protocol on cross-border rail transport

Russia’s deputy transport minister in Pyongyang talks pushed for rail container shipments from South Korea to begin

Colin Zwirko November 15, 2019

North Korea sent South an "ultimatum" on removal of property at Kumgang: KCNA

State media warns DPRK could "unilaterally demolish facilities" at the resort

Dagyum Ji November 14, 2019

North Korea warns of "shocking punishment" over upcoming drills: top official

Kim Yong Chol says he wants to believe U.S. defense chief Esper will follow through and cancel military drills with ROK

Jacob Fromer November 14, 2019

South Korean unification minister to visit Washington DC next week

Minister's first official visit to U.S. comes amid tensions between Washington, Seoul, and Pyongyang

Jacob Fromer November 12, 2019

In review: inter-Korean relations, prospects for change since the Hanoi summit

Ongoing Mount Kumgang issue merits a review of North-South ties in the wake of February's failed Kim-Trump meeting

Rachel Minyoung Lee November 12, 2019

Why, in repatriating two North Koreans, South Korea may have broken its own laws

"It is highly likely that this case has breached the Constitution and relevant laws to a serious extent"

Yeosang Yoon November 11, 2019

South Korea defends decision to expel "criminal" North Korean fishermen

Two men not eligible for protection under Refugees Protection and Settlement Support Act, MOU argues

Dagyum Ji November 8, 2019
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