August 13, 2020


Information related to inter-Korean developments


Transcript: South Korea's MOU addresses balloon and leaflet launch controversy

Full remarks from an Aug. 11 Ministry of Unification press tour reveal the government's logic behind recent crackdowns

NK Pro August 12, 2020

Human rights groups condemn South Korean government's border-area press tour

Human rights groups accuse the unification ministry of painting their activism in a negative light to foreign reporters

Jeongmin Kim August 12, 2020

Lasting impact: What Korea would look like if the 'Forgotten War' never happened

The Korean War deepened hostilities between North and South, drastically altering the course of history

Fyodor Tertitskiy August 11, 2020

Seoul won’t rule out action against radio stations broadcasting into North Korea

South Korea's unification ministry laid out its logic on balloon launch crackdowns during a government press tour

Chad O'Carroll August 11, 2020

Why heavy rain and border water pose a chronic political risk for South Korea

North Korean dams have the power to release rainwater during monsoons, which can cause significant hurt to the South

Christopher Green August 11, 2020

South Korean province plans to send aid to North Korea despite failed attempts

UN approved a sanctions exemption for Gyeonggi province to deliver greenhouse materials to S. Phyongan, Nampho

Colin Zwirko August 11, 2020

South Korea to develop Iron Dome-style artillery interceptor system for defense

Plans revealed in a multi-prong South Korean military modernization blueprint document covering 2021 to 2025

Chad O'Carroll August 10, 2020

South Korea to donate $10 million in food aid to North Korea

The World Food Programme is set to deliver the aid, while the South tries to move cross-border infrastructure forward

Colin Zwirko August 6, 2020

North Korea issues warnings on potential flood at the basin of Taedong River

North Korea released water from a dam near inter-Korean border without notifying South Korea: unification ministry

Jeongmin Kim August 5, 2020

Timeline: From multiple Kim Jong Un appearances to defector 'suspected' of COVID

NK Pro timeline charts the key events from July 1 to July 31

NK Pro August 4, 2020
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