June 02, 2020


Information related to inter-Korean developments

Inter-Korean laws don't ban North Korean YouTubers, unification ministry says

Seoul working with "relevant authorities" on response to social media-friendly propaganda from Pyongyang

Oliver Hotham June 2, 2020

North Korea in May 2020: a month in review and what’s ahead

An analysis of the main developments between May 1 and May 31

NK Pro June 1, 2020

Show me the money: Pyongyang's reluctance to accept Seoul's olive branch

The North scoffs at mere symbolic exchange, but the South risks angering the U.S. by pursuing anything more substantial

Andrei Lankov June 1, 2020

Sanctions exemption needed before North Korean firms do business in South: MOU

Seoul dismisses claims that planned revision of inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation Act would breach UN sanctions

Jeongmin Kim June 1, 2020

Schrödinger's sanctions: South Korea plays down the May 24th Measures

Shelving ineffective unilateral sanctions makes sense, but the move is unlikely to jump-start inter-Korean cooperation

Christopher Green May 29, 2020

Puppetry of the peninsula: the two Koreas and the pursuit of freedom

The use and abuse of the "puppet" insult in Korea flags up real issues. In a perilous world, what’s a small state to do?

Aidan Foster-Carter May 29, 2020

Moon administration will seek to ease restrictions on inter-Korean exchange: MOU

Proposed revision of 30-year-old law aims to expand autonomy of South Koreans engaging in projects with the North

Jeongmin Kim May 28, 2020

Both Koreas violated armistice agreement in recent DMZ gunfire incident: UNC

May 3 incident saw North Korean soldiers fire on a South Korean guard post

Jeongmin Kim May 26, 2020

Why Seoul must not let Pyongyang off the hook for past aggressions

South Korea should not throw out the May 24 Measures without genuine signs from the North that it's ready to change

Jumin Lee May 25, 2020

Top South Korean officials to seek sanctions exemption on COVID-19 aid for North

Chief inter-Korean policy lawmaker and unification minister discuss sending medical experts and quarantine supplies

Jeongmin Kim May 22, 2020
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