September 23, 2020


Information related to inter-Korean developments


Hope is not lost: President Biden might actually make progress on North Korea

Many see Joe Biden only as “strategic patience.” But if elected, he may take things in an entirely different direction.

James Fretwell September 23, 2020

Why North Koreans ‘double defect’ to the DPRK after risking it all to run South

Many defectors believe that they can return to North Korea unnoticed and resume normal lives — and they might be right

Andrei Lankov September 23, 2020

North Korean defector arrested after trying to return to the DPRK

The defector allegedly broke into a military training site during his attempt to return to North Korea

Kelly Kasulis September 19, 2020

South Korean governor pushes for joint healthcare center in North Korea

Gyeonggi Province Gov. Lee Jae-myung pitched the idea once again — this time with two potential locations in mind

Jeongmin Kim September 17, 2020

A $75 million luxury North Korean golf course shut down six weeks after opening

The Ananti Golf Resort was built in North Korea’s beautiful Mount Kumgang region — but it abruptly closed in 2008

Chad O'Carroll September 17, 2020

After a spike in tensions, Seoul says North Korea cooperates ‘in its own way’

Unification minister’s contentious remarks come as North and South reach two-years since a key military agreement

Jeongmin Kim September 16, 2020

No sign of military threat ahead of major North Korean holiday, Seoul says

South Korea also shut down Kim Jong Un’s alleged claims that its military is “no match” for his

Jeongmin Kim September 15, 2020

Top officials of the two Koreas and US virtually attend ASEAN Regional Forum

North Korean ambassador to Indonesia An Kwang Il attended in place of foreign minister Ri Son Gwon

Jeongmin Kim September 12, 2020

US and ROK agree to create new consultative group for working-level talks

Top officials from Seoul and Washington also vow to resume talks with North Korea as soon as possible

Jeongmin Kim September 11, 2020

Kim Jong Un: 'Hypersensitive' US military actions contributed to failed talks

Momentum to restore leader-to-leader rapport was set back after June 2019 Panmunjeom meeting, Kim suggests

Chad O'Carroll September 11, 2020
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