December 05, 2020

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Photos document North Korean defectors' struggle to forge a new life

A new photo book called "Unperson" explores the lives and memories of North Korean escapees now living in the South

NK News December 2, 2020

How Trump handled North Korean human rights — and what Biden will do differently

Robert King, former special envoy for North Korean human rights, spoke frankly about the last four years and the future

NK News December 1, 2020

North Korean human rights under Trump and Biden — NKNews Podcast Ep. 159

Ambassador Robert R. King, past special envoy for North Korean human rights, reflects on Trump's performance on the DPRK

NK News December 1, 2020

Forced labor, COVID-19 and DPRK silence on US elections - NKNews Podcast Ep. 158

Nk News' Chad O'Carroll, Jeongmin Kim and Colin Zwirko discuss the latest from North Korea in this roundtable podcast

NK News November 24, 2020

Statues and sanctions: North Korea in Congo - NKNews Podcast Ep. 157

Hilary Mossberg and John Dell'Osso discuss shady North Korean business deals and sanctions evasion in Africa

NK News November 17, 2020

‘A long history of failures’: How past US presidents handled North Korea’s nukes

As Biden prepares for the White House, a former US defense secretary weighs in on past leaders' successes and failures

NK News November 13, 2020

How South Korean NGOs impact inter-Korean relations - NKNews Podcast Ep. 156

Sang-young Hong of the Korean Sharing Movement talks about civil society's interactions with North Korea

NK News November 10, 2020

Photos: Pyongyang's golden trees show North Korean autumn in full bloom

Russia's embassy in the DPRK shared photos of this year's fall season — and at a time when tourists can't enter the DPRK

NK News November 6, 2020

North Korea policy: What happens if Trump or Biden gets elected?

Lieutenant General Chun In-bum and Yonsei University Professor John Delury discuss the future of North Korea policy

NK News November 3, 2020

Trump or Biden: Who can solve the North Korea problem? - NKNews Podcast Ep. 155

John Delury and In-Bum Chun discuss how the 2020 U.S. presidential election could affect North Korea

NK News November 3, 2020
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