June 03, 2020

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Kosuke Takahashi

Kosuke Takahashi is a Tokyo-based journalist. His work has appeared in the Asahi Shimbun, Bloomberg, Asia Times, Jane’s Defence Weekly and The Diplomat, among other publications. You can follow him on Twitter @TakahashiKosuke

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Fujimoto's Japanese restaurant in Pyongyang remains open, sushi chef spotted

Despite reports, diner at "Takahashi" says chef still working in capital

Kosuke Takahashi July 8, 2019

Reports of Kenji Fujimoto detention "unconfirmed," intelligence official says

Arrest a possibility, sources say, but disappearance could also be linked to illness

Japan must put diplomatic normalization with DPRK before abductee issue: former PM

Yukio Hatoyama says improving relations must come before any resolution of the decades-long dispute

Adrian Hong visited Tokyo ahead of February DPRK embassy break-in, sources say

Trip was reportedly part of efforts to secure protection for Kim Han Sol

Kosuke Takahashi April 24, 2019

Pokka still widely available in North Korea, despite Japanese embargo

Singapore office was looking for DPRK vendors as recently as April, emails reveal

In Tokyo, an increasing gap between words and action on North Korea

The Japanese government's position on the threat posed by the DPRK is increasingly contradictory

Kosuke Takahashi August 31, 2018

Mother of abductee says Kim-Trump summit raises hopes for daughter's return

PM Shinzo Abe says he will pursue bilateral talks with North Korea on the issue

Kosuke Takahashi June 12, 2018

North Korea may restart missile tests if summit fails: Chongryon-linked scholar

Ri Pyong Hwi tells journalists that unsuccessful talks could end with East Asia "in flames"

Kosuke Takahashi May 28, 2018

Japan to strengthen missile defense capabilities against North Korea: Abe

In first policy speech since re-election, Japanese PM says Tokyo will put "further pressure" on DPRK

Kosuke Takahashi November 17, 2017

Trump meets with families of Japanese abductees

Meeting comes as Prime Minister Abe promises new unilateral sanctions against DPRK

Kosuke Takahashi November 6, 2017
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