December 05, 2020


Colin Zwirko

Colin Zwirko is a Senior Analytic Correspondent for NK News based in Seoul. Follow him on Twitter @ColinZwirko.


New photo reveals extra ‘standby’ ICBM at North Korea’s military parade

Presence of fifth Hwasong-15 ICBM important for accounting inventory, expert says

Colin Zwirko November 26, 2020

North Korea building ‘youth theaters’ for political rallies, ping-pong and music

Satellite imagery shows progress to theater construction projects, despite ongoing delays at major hospital and resort 

Colin Zwirko November 19, 2020

North Korea upgrades airport near empty resort, despite no flow of tourists

Satellite images show an expanded runway area at Wonsan’s Kalma Airport, which is located near a long-stalled resort 

Colin Zwirko November 17, 2020

North Korea’s mass games propaganda event ends after mysteriously short run

State media gave little attention this year to mass performances at Pyongyang’s May Day Stadium

Colin Zwirko November 2, 2020

China-DPRK ‘bridge to nowhere’ closer to opening as highway work restarts

Revived activity shows that North Korea is eager to use the bridge as soon as it reopens its borders

Colin Zwirko October 30, 2020

Pyongyang General Hospital project misses Kim Jong Un’s ambitious deadline

The North Korean leader previously alluded to construction delays due to the recent spate of natural disasters

Colin Zwirko October 16, 2020

Destroyed, rebuilt and flooded again: North Korean homes ruined by 2020 typhoons

Flooding in newly-built villages shows pitfalls of North Korea’s rebuilding efforts

Colin Zwirko October 5, 2020

North Korea’s broken bridges: Photos show typhoon and flood wreckage nationwide

Recent storms cut off dozens of bridges, including those that serve as key transport links in major DPRK cities

Colin Zwirko September 29, 2020

Work on China-DPRK ‘bridge to nowhere’ stops amid new COVID-19 border controls

Pandemic and October holiday preparations may have dashed hopes of New Yalu River Bridge’s projected 2020 opening

Colin Zwirko September 25, 2020

North Korea renovates key missile launcher factory ahead of big military parade

Renovations at March 16 Factory accelerated in summer 2020, spurred by Kim Jong Un’s visit a year earlier

Colin Zwirko September 22, 2020
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