April 09, 2020


Colin Zwirko

Colin Zwirko is an NK News correspondent based in Seoul.


New Sino-DPRK cross-border road bridge may open soon, photos suggest

Larger bridge near large Chinese city of Yanbian could see trade traffic rise

Colin Zwirko September 4, 2019

Some anti-U.S. education in North Korea persists, despite diplomatic détente

Satellite imagery and state media reveal regular visits to American atrocity-focused museums continue

Colin Zwirko August 14, 2019

Rebuilding with care: Kim Jong Un’s on-site scoldings spur drastic demolitions

Factories, other major projects underwent redevelopment following leader's visits last year

Colin Zwirko August 13, 2019

Pyongyang health appliances expo attracted over 100 DPRK, foreign firms: photos

PRC-based expo promoter claimed companies from several cities succeeded in making local contacts

Colin Zwirko July 15, 2019

Chinese state railway corp nears completion of new Sino-DPRK cross-border bridge

Tumen-Namyang bridge began with inter-government agreement in 2015

Colin Zwirko July 9, 2019

Pyongyang’s oldest department store undergoing facelift, photos show

Following prominent Daesong opening, activity also resumes at East Pyongyang Mall

Colin Zwirko July 3, 2019

Yangdok hot springs and ski resort project taking shape as October deadline looms

Satellite imagery reveals scope of one of North Korea’s most-promoted new projects

Colin Zwirko June 28, 2019

Construction on riverside towers, new university campus see progress in Pyongyang

From new to nearly complete, DPRK capital’s construction boom continues

Colin Zwirko June 10, 2019

Revealed: Evidence of Kim Jong Un university location, ties to tech industry

New construction also underway at Kim Jong Un National Defense University

Colin Zwirko June 7, 2019

Major construction underway in North Korea’s central government complex: imagery

Additions include new large buildings and upgrades to ruling party headquarters

Colin Zwirko May 28, 2019