September 19, 2020


Colin Zwirko

Colin Zwirko is an NK News correspondent based in Seoul.


130+ traffic education parks built across North Korea since 2016: imagery

What’s driving the construction, and is the DPRK preparing to become a car-owning society?

Colin Zwirko November 18, 2019

AI and face recognition touted at IT expo, Kim Jong Un university still censored

IT Successes expo in Pyongyang showcased top national sci-tech projects, brands, and institutes 

Colin Zwirko November 7, 2019

Air Koryo increases Macau flights, decreases other routes for winter season

Air China also decreases Beijing-Pyongyang flights from three to two times per week

Colin Zwirko October 30, 2019

Apartment blocks being demolished near Pyongyang’s Ryugyong Hotel, imagery shows

Bulldozing of older buildings appears to be emerging trend in North Korean capital’s center

Colin Zwirko October 14, 2019

Work continues on DPRK side to connect long-stalled cross-border bridge with China

Following demolition of homes in road’s path, clearing continues toward DPRK highway

Colin Zwirko October 8, 2019

Progress slow at China’s largest new customs port on its border with North Korea

Sanctions may have slowed project's pace, but scope reflects regions plans for cross-border trade

Colin Zwirko September 30, 2019

Homes demolished in path of long-stalled Sino-DPRK “bridge to nowhere”: imagery

New Yalu River Bridge, completed in 2013, may finally be connected to North Korean roads

Colin Zwirko September 26, 2019

Health, light industry goods dominated scaled-down 2019 Rason trade fair 

Chinese company attendance lagged far behind presence at 2018 exhibition

Colin Zwirko September 11, 2019

New Sino-DPRK cross-border road bridge may open soon, photos suggest

Larger bridge near large Chinese city of Yanbian could see trade traffic rise

Colin Zwirko September 4, 2019

Some anti-U.S. education in North Korea persists, despite diplomatic détente

Satellite imagery and state media reveal regular visits to American atrocity-focused museums continue

Colin Zwirko August 14, 2019