June 01, 2023


Colin Zwirko

Colin Zwirko is a Senior Analytic Correspondent for NK News based in Seoul. Follow him on Twitter @ColinZwirko.


North Korea slams ‘provocative’ US-ROK drills that Seoul denies took place

Pyongyang accuses ‘enemy’ of firing artillery near border as it ramps up warnings around allies’ spring exercises

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoMarch 7, 2023

Intercepting North Korean ICBM test would be ‘declaration of war’: Kim Yo Jong

Remarks come after US commander reportedly said US will shoot down any ICBM that the DPRK fires toward Pacific region

Chad O'CarrollChad O'Carroll | Colin ZwirkoMarch 7, 2023

North Korea touts ‘brisk’ space program work ahead of military satellite launch

Space agency says ‘high-thrust engine’ guarantees success after earlier claiming recon satellite will be ready by April

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoMarch 6, 2023

Kim Jong Un calls for stronger party control to solve nation’s food problems

State media short on details about solutions after North Korean officials hold four-day meeting on agricultural issues

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoMarch 2, 2023

Kim Jong Un approves lavish new dog meat restaurant on Pyongyang riverfront

Satellite imagery shows construction started late last year, as North Korean leader says canine dining ‘improves diets’

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoMarch 1, 2023

Kim Jong Un says ‘next few years’ crucial to solving North Korea’s food problems

Leadership discusses need for ‘fundamental change’ in farming and state economic plans on second day of ongoing plenum

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoFebruary 28, 2023

North Korea kicks off party plenum on ‘urgent’ food issues

Kim Jong Un convened major meeting Sunday likely to last several days, amid concerns about food insecurity in country

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoFebruary 27, 2023

North Korea says it conducted ‘nuclear counterattack’ cruise missile test

State media reports launch of four ‘Hwasal-2 strategic cruise missiles’ Thursday; no prior detection warning from Seoul

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoFebruary 24, 2023

More North Koreans sticking mysterious objects on face masks, state media shows

Mask accessories could be indicator of COVID vaccination or other health status, though their purpose remains unclear

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoFebruary 23, 2023

Large construction camp pops up near Pyongyang’s foreign leader guesthouses

Workers made camp in same exclusive area to build luxurious palace for Chinese leader Xi Jinping ahead of state visit

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoFebruary 21, 2023
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