April 17, 2024


Colin Zwirko

Colin Zwirko

Colin Zwirko is a Senior Analytic Correspondent for NK News based in Seoul. He joined the company in 2018 after receiving a master's degree in international security and foreign policy from South Korea's Yonsei University. Follow him on Twitter.


Kim Jong Un oversees tank competition in third military drills of past week

North Korean leader test drives newest main battle tank as drills coincide with large-scale U.S.-ROK joint exercises

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoMarch 14, 2024

North Korea deploys new warship, sends another to border amid US-ROK drills

Appearance of Tuman-class corvette at naval base and sister ship at Kumgang highlight DPRK’s recent push to revive navy

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoMarch 13, 2024

North Korea takes top communist moms sightseeing on rare flights to nowhere

Air Koryo trots out Soviet-era Ilyushin Il-18 to show off new skyscrapers in Pyongyang in novel form of domestic tourism

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoMarch 12, 2024

Russian cargo ship returns to North Korean port in sign of arms trade restart

Shipping operation alleged to provide DPRK weapons for use against Ukraine had appeared to be on pause for a month

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoMarch 11, 2024

North Korea conducts artillery drills, says Seoul ‘within range’

Kim Jong Un leads second day of military drills as US-ROK joint exercises also ongoing this week

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoMarch 8, 2024

Kim Jong Un leads military drill simulating takeover of South Korean guard posts

North Korean leader calls for better ‘war preparations’ as US and ROK continue large-scale Freedom Shield drills

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoMarch 7, 2024

Shoddy construction raises questions about Kim Jong Un’s new ‘rural revolution’

Five-year-old apartments already deteriorating in town where North Korea launched new project, state media reveals

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoMarch 6, 2024

North Korea preps for major construction near Wonsan Kalma beach resort: Imagery

Worker camp appears near unopened resort as hundreds of homes demolished, suggesting resumption of work or new project

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoMarch 4, 2024

Russian ship rejoins North Korea weapons trade, only for operation to go on hold

Vessels linked to alleged arms shipments have not appeared at ports in recent weeks, possibly due to production issues

Anton SokolinAnton Sokolin | Colin ZwirkoFebruary 29, 2024

Kim Jong Un says he’s ‘ashamed and sorry’ for neglecting economy

North Korean leader calls for ‘rural industrial revolution’ in speech at ceremony kicking off ‘20x10 policy’

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoFebruary 29, 2024