September 19, 2020


Colin Zwirko

Colin Zwirko is an NK News correspondent based in Seoul.


Temporary worker structure removal begins at Wonsan-Kalma beach resort

Removal could be a sign that construction on key North Korean project is winding down ahead of delayed opening

Colin Zwirko May 4, 2020

Kim Jong Un’s waterslide boat under repair in Wonsan ahead of annual outings

Satellite imagery analysis reveals megaship with an Olympic-size pool was used at Kim’s Wonsan villa last summer

Colin Zwirko May 1, 2020

REVEALED: Kim Jong Un had new private villa built at prized spot near Wonsan

Boat appearing at Kim's main Wonsan villa this month traveled to site of new luxury complex over last three summers

Colin Zwirko April 30, 2020

Paving begins on highway to connect long-dormant China-North Korea bridge: photo

Imagery also shows New Yalu River Bridge’s likely customs complex growing, more homes demolished and rebuilt

Colin Zwirko April 29, 2020

Recent moves by Kim Jong Un’s luxury boats suggest leader may be in Wonsan

Satellite imagery offers hints at Kim's potential whereabouts as health rumors continue to circulate

Colin Zwirko April 28, 2020

Signs of major upcoming military parade appear at North Korean training grounds

Temporary structures installed this week at Pyongyang’s Mirim parade training area, satellite imagery reveals

Colin Zwirko April 23, 2020

North Korea’s replica Blue House circled as target for expected strike drills

Replica South Korean presidential residency was previously destroyed in December 2016 special forces infiltration drill

Colin Zwirko April 17, 2020

Marching drills resume at Pyongyang military parade practice ground, images show

Large-scale training at North Korean site signaling parade preparations was halted in January amid coronavirus fears

Colin Zwirko April 14, 2020

Pyongyang General Hospital construction “ahead of schedule”: KCNA

Foundational excavation completed by April 5, state media says, while imagery shows rapid progress

Colin Zwirko April 8, 2020

North Korean ruling party HQ sees more upgrades ahead of major April events

Demolition of possible private medical clinic and new construction follows last year’s renovations at WPK compound

Colin Zwirko April 8, 2020