June 06, 2023


Colin Zwirko

Colin Zwirko is a Senior Analytic Correspondent for NK News based in Seoul. Follow him on Twitter @ColinZwirko.


North Korea reveals Haeil-2 undersea ‘nuclear attack drone’ test for first time

State media says it traveled hundreds of miles and detonated ‘trial warhead’ off east coast of peninsula

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoApril 8, 2023

North Korea makes headway on 5-year weapons wishlist as midpoint nears

Kim Jong Un may seek to accelerate development of subs, drones and ‘super-large’ nuclear warheads in near future

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoApril 7, 2023

North Korea demands ‘new and fresh’ propaganda to inspire total obedience

At state propagandists conference, authorities call for stronger ‘ideological weapon’ to fight unapproved beliefs

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoApril 5, 2023

North Korea appears to stop extended quarantine for imported goods: Imagery

Fewer trains seen at border facility as Chinese imports empty out, in what may be sign of major pandemic policy change

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoApril 4, 2023

North Korea reveals internal names for several missile systems: Analysis

Most short-range ballistic missiles developed in recent years appear to belong to Hwasong-11 series

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoApril 3, 2023

‘Rip them apart, slice them up’: North Korea ramps up gruesome anti-US rhetoric

Teens vow to ‘exterminate’ and ‘beat to death’ US and ROK for holding joint military drills in new state-led campaign

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoMarch 30, 2023

North Korea appears to rip up Pyongyang airfield just years after construction

Satellite imagery shows demolition of what would be at least the eighth airfield cleared from map since 2019

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoMarch 29, 2023

North Korea shows off smaller nuke warhead it says fits on missiles aimed at ROK

State media shows leader Kim Jong Un inspecting warhead, reports on airburst missile test and tests of undersea drone

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoMarch 28, 2023

Cuban ambassador to North Korea set to leave country after 7 years: State media

NHK also reports new Chinese ambassador allowed to enter DPRK, in possible sign of reopening to diplomatic travel

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoMarch 28, 2023

North Korea launches two short-range ballistic missiles: ROK military

Japan also reports both missiles splashed down shortly after launch, as Pyongyang continues testing around US-ROK drills

Colin ZwirkoColin ZwirkoMarch 27, 2023