May 24, 2024


Gabriela Bernal

Gabriela Bernal

Gabriela Bernal is an analyst at NK News and NK Pro. She has a Ph.D. from the University of North Korean Studies, and her work has appeared in various media and online outlets.


Why North Korea won’t lay to rest the ghost of the ROK’s bloody Gwangju Uprising

State media still draws parallels between 1980 massacre and current events in effort to amplify South Korean discontent

Gabriela BernalGabriela BernalMay 17, 2024

Axis denied? What China really thinks of booming North Korea-Russia arms trade

Ukraine war has pushed nations together, but there are limits to how far Beijing will go in aligning with pariah states


China knows North Korea needs it most, despite conspicuous Russia-DPRK ties

Indicators show DPRK and China have quietly advanced ties amid uproar over Russia arms trade since start of Ukraine war

Gabriela BernalGabriela BernalApril 29, 2024

Breaking the deadlock: When China took the lead in talks with North Korea

Beijing proved its ability to negotiate with US, DPRK and ROK in past, and it may be last hope to revive diplomacy now

Gabriela BernalGabriela BernalApril 23, 2024

How North Korea exploited the tragic Sewol ferry sinking for anti-ROK propaganda

State media has run thousands of articles on disaster to portray South Korea as dangerous place with incompetent leaders

Gabriela BernalGabriela BernalApril 16, 2024

Despite opposition win, ROK election just reinforced North Korea status quo

Democratic Party appears unlikely to focus on challenging Yoon’s hardline policy on DPRK as Pyongyang shuns diplomacy

Gabriela BernalGabriela BernalApril 12, 2024

‘Impossible’ to gauge North Korean humanitarian need without access: Aid groups

Humanitarian groups say they still don’t know when they can return, while UN still appears to be relying on 2019 data

Gabriela BernalGabriela BernalMarch 26, 2024

What can still be done about widespread human rights abuses in North Korea

Little has changed since UN detailed crimes against humanity, but experts see ways to build on success raising awareness

Gabriela BernalGabriela BernalMarch 14, 2024

The US softened its tone on North Korea. But it’s still singing the same tune.

Recent rhetoric about ‘interim’ denuclearization steps may aim to ease tensions but doesn’t signal a US policy change

Gabriela BernalGabriela BernalMarch 7, 2024

New film champions ROK’s first president, and his hardline stance on North Korea

‘Birth of Korea’ offers revisionist take of Rhee Syngman, winning conservative fans but misconstruing history

Gabriela BernalGabriela BernalMarch 5, 2024
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