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July 24, 2024


Seung-Yeon Chung

Seung-Yeon Chung

Seung-Yeon Chung is a state media specialist at NK News. She previously worked in the Department of Unification and Foreign Ministry at Korean Broadcast System (KBS).


High-profile DPRK defector appointed secretary-general of unification council

Tae Yong-ho’s appointment marks first time North Korean defector has been offered senior government role


State media review: North Korea demands officials prepare for monsoon rains

An in-depth review of inclement seasonal weather, plenum follow-ups and condemnation of Japan-Germany ‘nexus’

Seung-Yeon ChungSeung-Yeon ChungJuly 19, 2024

State media review: North Korea mourns one Kim leader, while glorifying another

An in-depth analysis of Kim Il Sung death memorials, a letter to Iran’s president, a worker’s confession and more

Seung-Yeon ChungSeung-Yeon ChungJuly 11, 2024

State media review: North Korea mocks Joe Biden over son Hunter’s conviction

An in-depth analysis of criticism of US gun violence, delegation to BRICS meeting and farming changes to improve diets

Seung-Yeon ChungSeung-Yeon ChungJune 27, 2024

North Koreans vow to ‘annihilate’ America at anti-US rallies across country

State media reports 100K citizens attended event in Pyongyang, as DPRK kicks off month of propaganda against US and ROK

Seung-Yeon ChungSeung-Yeon ChungJune 26, 2024

State media review: Russia takes the limelight to mark Putin’s Pyongyang visit

An in-depth analysis of Russian propaganda, new law on deputies and commentary on Ukraine peace summit

Seung-Yeon ChungSeung-Yeon ChungJune 20, 2024

North Korean TV to air Russian film for Putin visit despite ban on foreign media

Authorities make rare exception to rules to broadcast WWII drama on KCTV as part of Russia-centered programming block

Lina ParkLina Park | Seung-Yeon ChungJune 18, 2024

State media review: North Korea’s Harry Potter-loving child vlogger reappears

An in-depth analysis of Kim Jong Un kissing kids, a cruel children’s animation, a letter for Putin and more

Seung-Yeon ChungSeung-Yeon ChungJune 13, 2024

State media review: North Korea slams President Yoon over marine’s death

An in-depth analysis of ROK criticism, celebrations for Children’s Day, a new monument and firework frenzy

Seung-Yeon ChungSeung-Yeon ChungJune 6, 2024

State media review: North Korea blasts UN chief over satellite launch criticism

An in-depth analysis of statement against secretary-general, new houses for farmers and a campaign to catch more fish

Seung-Yeon ChungSeung-Yeon ChungMay 30, 2024
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