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July 21, 2024


Seung-Yeon Chung

Seung-Yeon Chung

Seung-Yeon Chung is a state media specialist at NK News. She previously worked in the Department of Unification and Foreign Ministry at Korean Broadcast System (KBS).


North Korea to hold major party meeting after overhauling inter-Korean policy

Expert says plenum likely to consider constitutional revisions, while Politburo ‘almost certainly’ discussed Putin visit

Seung-Yeon ChungSeung-Yeon ChungMay 27, 2024

State media review: Kim Jong Un lays rose at grave of mentor who backed his rule

An in-depth analysis of official’s death anniversary, criticism of US weapons in Gaza and a Russian delegation's arrival

Seung-Yeon ChungSeung-Yeon ChungMay 23, 2024

State media review: North Korea slams Kiwis’ ‘provocative’ sanctions monitoring

An in-depth analysis of criticism toward US allies, praise for youth laborers, a tourney for ‘golf addicts’ and more

Seung-Yeon ChungSeung-Yeon ChungMay 16, 2024

State media review: North Korea highlights roles of midwives amid low birth rate

An in-depth analysis of International Day of the Midwife, Kim Jong Un’s letters to Putin and rice planting efforts

Seung-Yeon ChungSeung-Yeon ChungMay 9, 2024

Kim Ki Nam, propaganda chief for all three North Korean rulers, dies at 94

Kim Jong Un to oversee official’s funeral as state media claims he achieved ‘eternal life’ through service to regime


Kim Jong Un orders police to ‘fiercely’ defend socialism from outside threats

North Korean leader again demonstrates deep interest in combatting foreign influence, joining photo session in Pyongyang

Seung-Yeon ChungSeung-Yeon ChungMay 6, 2024

State media review: North Korea shuns Cuban leader’s ‘affectionate greetings’

An in-depth analysis of Cuba-DPRK tensions, May Day celebrations and criticism of US space ‘militarization’

Seung-Yeon ChungSeung-Yeon ChungMay 2, 2024

North Korea phasing out ‘Day of Sun’ as name for biggest holiday: Tour agencies

Changes in how to refer to birthdays of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il may be effort to elevate current leader, expert says

Seung-Yeon ChungSeung-Yeon ChungApril 29, 2024

State media review: North Korea says citizens give thumbs-up to Kim Jong Un song

An in-depth review of rapturous praise for housing project, Cuban leader’s letter, guerrilla army anniversary and more

Seung-Yeon ChungSeung-Yeon ChungApril 25, 2024

State media review: Kim Jong Un’s leadership cult dims the Day of the Sun

An in-depth analysis of Kim Il Sung’s birthday bash, a $2M gift to Chongryon, Bulgaria-DPRK ties and more

Seung-Yeon ChungSeung-Yeon ChungApril 18, 2024
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