March 26, 2023


Shreyas Reddy

Shreyas Reddy is a correspondent at NK News, based in Seoul. He previously worked as a researcher at BBC Monitoring, where his work focused on news and key people and organizations from the Korean Peninsula, Japan, Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Follow him on Twitter @shreyas_k_reddy.


North Korean hackers target South Koreans with malicious Excel add-ins: Report

Expert says ‘highly agile’ ScarCruft threat group seeks to expand attack vectors to get around security measures

Shreyas ReddyShreyas ReddyMarch 24, 2023

State media review: North Korea calls denuclearization a ‘declaration of war’

An in-depth analysis of nuclear threats against US, youth enlistment for army and meeting on natural disasters


North Korean websites and email go offline for hours in possible attack

Expert says incident consistent with past large-scale attacks on DPRK internet but could be due to configuration error

Shreyas ReddyShreyas ReddyMarch 22, 2023

North Korean hackers target Google services in new campaign, advisory warns

German and ROK intelligence link Kimsuky to attacks against regional experts using Chromium and Play Store

Shreyas ReddyShreyas ReddyMarch 22, 2023

New ROK sanctions target North Korea’s satellite and missile programs

South Korea’s foreign ministry releases list of 77 prohibited items in effort to curb DPRK’s ‘parade of provocations’

Shreyas ReddyShreyas ReddyMarch 21, 2023

South Korea and Japan normalize information-sharing pact to deter North Korea

Experts say move will improve missile tracking and defense, after Yoon and Kishida stress security cooperation at summit

Shreyas ReddyShreyas ReddyMarch 17, 2023

US, Germany take down darknet crypto mixer tied to North Korean money laundering

Expert says investigation shows US emphasis on international cooperation to combat cybercrime by DPRK and other actors

Shreyas ReddyShreyas ReddyMarch 16, 2023

North Korea fires long-range ballistic missile into East Sea: ROK military

Seoul condemns fourth missile launch in a week and warns DPRK will ‘pay a price’ for ‘provocations’ amid US-ROK drills

Shreyas ReddyShreyas ReddyMarch 16, 2023

North Korea says it fired two ‘tactical ballistic missiles’ in operational drill

Commander of DPRK missile unit pledges to intensify training to ‘destroy’ enemies after start of US-ROK joint exercises

Shreyas ReddyShreyas ReddyMarch 15, 2023

Seoul to acquire more stealth jets, interceptors to counter North Korean threats

$5.6 billion plan aims to bolster defenses against DPRK missiles and boost domestic drone development

Shreyas ReddyShreyas ReddyMarch 14, 2023
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