September 19, 2020

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What North Korea can do right now to stave off a full-blown economic crisis

Kim Jong Un is dealing with natural disasters, sanctions and COVID-19 — but there are some solutions to consider

Peter WardSep 18, 2020

Why Japan’s new prime minister won’t last — especially on North Korea issues

Yoshihide Suga may have big dreams for Japan-DPRK relations, but he won’t be able to pull them off all by himself

Yeo Hyun-junSep 17, 2020
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Almost-live from the White House with Chanel Rion - NKNews Podcast Ep.146

OAN's Chanel Rion discusses the legacy and future of U.S. President Trump's summitry with Kim Jong Un

COVID-19 and major upcoming events in North Korea - NKNews Podcast Ep.145

NK News' Chad O’Carroll, Jeongmin Kim and Colin Zwirko join host Jacco Zwetsloot for a roundtable discussion

The case for South Korean engagement with the North - NKNews Podcast Ep.144

Pastor Cho Hun Jung discusses Korean unification and reunions for families split by the North-South division

A pastor weighs in on bible and balloon launches - NKNews Podcast Ep.143

Pastor Cho Hun Jung discusses why he thinks Bibles and leaflet launches to North Korea should be stopped

The best and the worst of reporting on North Korea - NKNews Podcast Ep.142

Former NK News editor Oliver Hotham discusses his years reporting on the DPRK and how North Korea coverage is improving

Meeting Kim Il Sung and years of reporting on Korea - NKNews Podcast Ep.141

Michael Breen discusses his broad career reporting on the two Koreas and his experience meeting Kim Il Sung

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North Korea upgrades security at Kim Jong Un’s giant Pyongyang mansion complex

Satellite imagery also shows construction of new luxury hilltop facilities along the Taedong River

Colin ZwirkoSep 17, 2020

At least 14 North Korean ships disguise themselves in international waters

At least seven pairs of DPRK ships share the same Maritime Mobile Service Identity numbers to conceal their identities

Min Chao ChoySep 17, 2020

A $75 million luxury North Korean golf course shut down six weeks after opening

The Ananti Golf Resort was built in North Korea’s beautiful Mount Kumgang region — but it abruptly closed in 2008

Chad O'CarrollSep 17, 2020

Why America’s feud with China is holding up North Korea denuclearization dreams

Competition between Washington and Beijing may soon stoke conflict on the Korean peninsula

James TysonSep 15, 2020

October surprise? What to expect from North Korea ahead of the 2020 US election

Precedent suggests that Pyongyang is likely to take wait-and-see posture and act later

Chad O'CarrollSep 15, 2020

How South Korea's entry into the Indo Pacific initiative will impact North Korea

The initiative will help Seoul deal with Pyongyang, no matter what — and it could help keep Chinese influence at bay


How Kim’s call for typhoon help exploits cheap labor and builds political unity

The North Korean leader's call will reveal who is truly loyal to the regime while also providing cheap workers

Christopher GreenSep 11, 2020

Why North Korean cyber attacks will get worse -- and US intelligence won’t help

Pyongyang is hurting and uses hackers to ease that pain, but Washington is unlikely to waste its powers on crypto theft

Nils WeisenseeSep 11, 2020
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