December 05, 2020
North Korean human rights under Trump and Biden — NKNews Podcast Ep. 159

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Iranian nuclear scientist's death will likely fuel North Korean fears of the US

The assassination could send a message that the US is an unreliable diplomatic partner, even in Biden's White House

Monet StokesDec 04, 2020

North and South Korea will never, ever reconcile. We should adjust expectations.

The actual goal is to establish, within the Korean Peninsula, a sensible and mild variety of the Cold War regime. 

Andrei LankovDec 04, 2020
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North Korean human rights under Trump and Biden — NKNews Podcast Ep. 159

Ambassador Robert R. King, past special envoy for North Korean human rights, reflects on Trump's performance on the DPRK

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Nk News' Chad O'Carroll, Jeongmin Kim and Colin Zwirko discuss the latest from North Korea in this roundtable podcast

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John Delury and In-Bum Chun discuss how the 2020 U.S. presidential election could affect North Korea

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As diplomacy with North Korea falls apart, the US focuses on calling out China

Washington is returning to its old playbook of treating North Korea like a subset of China policy, experts say

Min Chao ChoyDec 03, 2020

Moon wants to meet Kim at the Tokyo Olympics, but the feeling may not be mutual

Kim, Suga and Biden just aren't as desperate as Moon for another round of his inter-Korean political theater

Yeo Hyun-junDec 03, 2020

Photos document North Korean defectors' struggle to forge a new life

A new photo book called "Unperson" explores the lives and memories of North Korean escapees now living in the South

NK NewsDec 02, 2020

Document: New UN sanctions exemptions guidelines for North Korea-related aid

New guidelines detail the sanctions exemptions process for humanitarian groups trying to help North Korea

NK ProDec 02, 2020

North Korea is on a crusade against drugs, crime and 'capitalist culture'

Recent events suggest that North Korea is trying to crack down on markets, foreign influence and "anti-socialist" acts

Peter WardDec 02, 2020

Timeline: From Pyongyang's election silence to trade dips and Politburo meetings

NK Pro timeline charts the key events from Nov. 1 - Nov. 30

NK ProDec 02, 2020

How Trump handled North Korean human rights — and what Biden will do differently

Robert King, former special envoy for North Korean human rights, spoke frankly about the last four years and the future

NK NewsDec 01, 2020

Why the killing of an Iranian nuclear scientist can't inform North Korea policy

Targeted assassinations of top North Korean officials would be much harder for enemies to do inside DPRK territory

Chad O'CarrollNov 30, 2020
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