June 04, 2020


Latest North Korea news from NK News correspondents

Moon administration will seek to ease restrictions on inter-Korean exchange: MOU

Proposed revision of 30-year-old law aims to expand autonomy of South Koreans engaging in projects with the North

Jeongmin Kim May 28, 2020

Scrapping of five-year economic plan signaled in latest North Korean TV blurring

Key slogan of “five-year economic development strategy” also erased on state TV and phased out of print media

Colin Zwirko May 27, 2020

Russia issues three more indictments against North Korean fishermen

DPRK nationals are accused of attacking border patrol agent while illegally fishing in Russian waters last September

Jacob Fromer May 27, 2020

UK embassy in Pyongyang closes, resident diplomats evacuated from North Korea

Move reportedly linked to DPRK government's coronavirus-prevention measures

South Korea to provide $4.9 million in sustainable development aid to the North

First payment of $720,000 set to be sent this year via UN commission

Jeongmin Kim May 27, 2020

Don’t allow North Korean staff to use the internet, International Red Cross told

Instruction comes despite rules already in place to prevent DPRK nationals accessing web

Chad O'Carroll May 27, 2020

North Korean imports of antibiotics spiked in April, Chinese trade data shows

China exported 15,000 kg of tetracycline derivatives, cited as a possible treatment for COVID-19, to the DPRK last month

Min Chao Choy May 27, 2020

China's food exports to North Korea remain abnormally low in April: data

For second consecutive month, China reports sending no fruit, vegetables, corn, rice, or meat to DPRK

Jacob Fromer May 26, 2020

Mozambique denies North Korea sanctions violations, defends medical cooperation

Almost 100 DPRK doctors remain in country, Maputo says in first UN sanctions report, though all agreements suspended

Colin Zwirko May 26, 2020

Both Koreas violated armistice agreement in recent DMZ gunfire incident: UNC

May 3 incident saw North Korean soldiers fire on a South Korean guard post

Jeongmin Kim May 26, 2020