August 07, 2020


Latest North Korea news from NK News correspondents

North Korean state media slams South for 'deceitfully' enhancing missile power

North Korea's Meari says that new missile guidelines and an increased military budget go against Seoul's "peace" goals

Jeongmin Kim August 3, 2020

North Korea-linked hackers fake prestigious job listings to target victims

Cybersecurity firm McAfee identifies increasingly sophisticated hacking methods and documents linked to Hidden Cobra

Min Chao Choy July 31, 2020

South Korean military admits to several failures after high-profile redefection

Clips recorded by surveillance equipment show that a defector named Kim swam towards the North in the dark

Jeongmin Kim July 31, 2020

North Koreans ‘still not awake’ to the dangers of COVID-19, state media says

Steep uptick in coverage of domestic coronavirus measures follows complete lockdown of Kaesong City

Colin Zwirko July 31, 2020

EU rolls out first-ever cyber sanctions against North Korea-linked hacking

Chosun Expo was the only DPRK-linked entity named in the new sanctions, which also targeted Russian and Chinese groups

Min Chao Choy July 30, 2020

North Korean exports to China rise in June after a steep COVID-19 crash

Reported trade rose to over $9 million, marking half of the pre-pandemic average and the best month of 2020 yet

Min Chao Choy July 30, 2020

North Korea fired anti-ship cruise missile this month: ROK military official

Launch not revealed by South Korea at the time as it was deemed part of "regular" training

Colin Zwirko | Jeongmin Kim July 30, 2020

North Korea claims zero COVID-19 cases as top official visits city on lockdown

First Vice Chairman Choe Ryong Hae inspected Kaesong where controls were put in place due to a suspected infection

Colin Zwirko July 30, 2020

Russian embassy evacuates 27 citizens from North Korea

A "continuous ban on movement" and "cancellation of international flights" challenged evacuation efforts, embassy said

Jeongmin Kim July 29, 2020

Singaporean resident fined for shipping luxury goods to North Korea

The fines follow a flurry of Singaporean court decisions related to illegal luxury goods exports to the DPRK

Chad O'Carroll July 29, 2020