October 24, 2020


Latest North Korea news from NK News correspondents


North Korea spent $965,000 on a mysterious Russian item in August: Trade data

Aside from the mystery item category, the DPRK also spent serious cash on two powerful turbine engines

Min Chao Choy October 15, 2020

North Korean embassy official calls 'The Mole' documentary a 'total fabrication'

North Korean official says "everything will be cleared" once Nordic countries complete their investigations

Chad O'Carroll October 15, 2020

US and South Korea call North Korea’s new ICBM a ‘significant threat’

Top defense officials from Seoul and Washington stressed the need to “dismantle” Pyongyang’s growing missile program

Jeongmin Kim October 15, 2020

UN calls North Korea’s September border shooting ‘unlawful and arbitrary’

In a newly-released report, the U.N. urges both North and South Korea to divulge what they know about the case

Kelly Kasulis October 15, 2020

Kim Jong Un inspects more reconstruction sites as elites labor over typhoons

North Korean leader also urged winter supplies for party elite living in temporary tent cities

Colin Zwirko October 14, 2020

Pompeo: DPRK-US diplomacy 'absolutely' successful despite North Korea's new ICBM

Pompeo points to lack of long-range North Korean missile testing as an indicator of success

Chad O'Carroll October 14, 2020

'Please wait': Moon writes letter to son of man killed in North Korean waters

Victim's family tells NK News both North and South Korea should investigate last month's shooting more "responsibly"

Jeongmin Kim October 14, 2020

Kim Jong Un inspects mining area badly hit by recent typhoon

The North Korean leader reviews progress at apartment construction site

Chad O'Carroll | Jeongmin Kim October 13, 2020

'The Mole' documentary could spell end of Korea Friendship Association

A Spanish aristocrat and several North Koreans could suffer consequences after secretly-recorded footage aired on Sunday

Chad O'Carroll October 12, 2020

Singaporean given 3 weeks of jail for luxury goods smuggling to North Korea

Chong “Richard” Hock Yen is third to face Singaporean jail for goods smuggling to DPRK, joining Leo Ng and Li Hyon

Min Chao Choy October 12, 2020