July 04, 2020


Information related to the North Korean missile program


Timeline: from a delayed parliamentary meeting to Kim Jong Un health rumors

NK Pro timeline charts key events from March 31 - April 30

NK Pro May 1, 2020

Recent moves by Kim Jong Un's luxury boats suggest leader may be in Wonsan

Satellite imagery offers hints at Kim's potential whereabouts as health rumors continue to circulate

Colin Zwirko April 28, 2020

North Korea's 2019 missile development: new details from the UN Panel

The report highlights just how far the DPRK has come in developing a range of short-range, solid-propellant missiles

Ankit Panda April 28, 2020

North Korea's weapons-development facilities: new details from the UN Panel

The Panel’s examination of key sites suggests that the missile manufacturing complex continues to expand

Ankit Panda April 22, 2020

North Korea's development of the Pukguksong-3: new details from the UN Panel

A new report from the UN's Panel of Experts provides further insight into the DPRK's nuclear-capable SLBM

Ankit Panda April 20, 2020

North Korea kicks off major holiday with markedly low-key state media coverage

Coverage of annual national meeting for DPRK founding leader's birthday, Tuesday's missile test yet to be appear

Colin Zwirko April 14, 2020

North Korea's latest missile test not "provocative or threatening," U.S. insists

With Kim Il Sung's birthday on Wednesday, U.S. Chairman of Joint Chiefs implies missile tests due to "celebration"

Jacob Fromer April 14, 2020

North Korea launches multiple cruise missiles from east coast, South Korea says

Test represents DPRK's fifth so far this year, comes amid other reported military activity by the country's air force

North Korea's "increasingly sophisticated" nuclear program threatens U.S.: DOD

Pentagon cites deterrence against North Korea in its "rationale" for U.S. nuclear arsenal

Jacob Fromer April 7, 2020

North Korea, a month in review - NKNews Podcast Ep.122

Caroline Kearney talks us through some of the most important developments in March — and what to expect in April

NK News April 7, 2020
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