June 03, 2020


Information related to sanctions developments

South Koreans sent $22.74 million in aid to North Korea last year, data shows

Private sector organizations sent $13.95 million in assistance, highest since 2010: MOU

Jeongmin Kim April 20, 2020

North Korean workers stuck in Vietnam following COVID-19 border closures: Hanoi

Vietnamese government reports DPRK laborers on temporary visas, efforts being made to repatriate them

Colin Zwirko April 20, 2020

Italian companies had roles in finishing and shipping Kim Jong Un’s limousines

An “Italian client” and two local companies played role in delivering armored luxury cars to the DPRK, UN says

Giulia Pompili | Min Chao Choy April 17, 2020

The UN report on North Korea sanctions: implications for policymakers

Proven and newer evasion techniques have evolved in complexity, making sanctions more difficult to implement

Jonathan R. Corrado April 17, 2020

North Korea earned millions in illicit funds last year, UN experts say

Latest report from UN's Panel of Experts finds Pyongyang continues to find ways to circumvent crushing sanctions

Jacob Fromer April 17, 2020

North Korea's Wonsan-Kalma project fails to meet April 15 completion deadline

Finishing materials still being sent to marquee beach resort as construction is “pushing forward,” state outlets say

Colin Zwirko April 17, 2020

Coronavirus-related aid expected to arrive in North Korea later this month: IFRC

Cargo, including COVID-19 testing kits, to be subject to a 10-day quarantine in Sinuiju, spokesperson says

Jeongmin Kim April 13, 2020

Amid pandemic, U.S. Treasury cuts some red tape for aid groups in North Korea

Aid groups will now have easier path to bring ambulances, laptops into DPRK, Treasury tells NK News

Jacob Fromer April 9, 2020

Thailand says it deported six illegal North Korean workers ahead of UN deadline

All six working in one North Korean restaurant were arrested and fined before being deported in early December

Colin Zwirko April 9, 2020

South Korean vendor of North Korean products not violating sanctions: MOU

Goods were all imported prior to 2010 imposition of 'May 24 Measures'

Chad O'Carroll April 9, 2020
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