July 10, 2020


Information related to inter-Korean developments

90% of South Koreans believe North won't surrender nuclear weapons, survey says

South Koreans are losing trust in Kim Jong Un, but still largely support engagement with North Korea: KINU report

Jeongmin Kim June 26, 2020

Activist group launches balloons containing bibles towards North Korea

Despite recent inter-Korean tensions, Voice of Martyrs conducts discrete balloon launch adjacent to inter-Korean border

Chad O'Carroll June 25, 2020

70 years since the Korean War, thousands still waiting to reunite with families

Advocate for separated families says the matter should be discussed "regardless of political situation"

Jeongmin Kim June 25, 2020

Volte-face: What explains Kim Jong Un's sudden change of heart?

North Korea seems to be adopting a wait-and-see stance towards the South

Christopher Green June 24, 2020

North Korea could reverse suspension of military action against South: official

Kim Yong Chol condemns remarks by South Korean defense minister, calls for "mutual efforts" to reduce tensions

Jeongmin Kim | Oliver Hotham June 24, 2020

North Korea purges anti-South propaganda from official websites as tensions ease

Move follows Kim Jong Un's order to suspend military plans against South Korea

Jeongmin Kim June 24, 2020

Kim Jong Un suspends plans for "military action" against South Korea: KCNA

North Korea leader reported to have assessed "prevailing situation," moved to de-escalate rising tensions with Seoul

Min Chao Choy June 23, 2020

Motivations for mass leafleting: What next for inter-Korean tensions?

Pyongyang seems intent at encouraging escalatory responses from Seoul

Chad O'Carroll June 23, 2020

Defector group likely failed to send leaflets into North Korea, South says

FFNK also may have spread false information about the number of balloons they have used, and items they carried: MOU

Jeongmin Kim June 23, 2020

Sentenced to life five years ago, status of South Koreans in North Korea unclear

Choe Chun-gil and Kim Kuk-gi were charged with espionage, sentenced to hard labor on June 23, 2015