September 26, 2020


Information related to companies trading in and out of North Korea

Amid Kim Jong Un health concerns, calm in both Dandong and Pyongyang

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, two trucks spotted crossing from DPRK to PRC at Dandong

Chad O'Carroll April 24, 2020

North Koreans "panic buying" at Pyongyang shops, sources say

Some sources don't connect recent surge in demand to Kim Jong Un health rumors, however

Chad O'Carroll April 22, 2020

North Korean workers stuck in Vietnam following COVID-19 border closures: Hanoi

Vietnamese government reports DPRK laborers on temporary visas, efforts being made to repatriate them

Colin Zwirko April 20, 2020

Italian companies had roles in finishing and shipping Kim Jong Un’s limousines

An “Italian client” and two local companies played role in delivering armored luxury cars to the DPRK, UN says

Giulia Pompili | Min Chao Choy April 17, 2020

North Korea's changing economy: the view from the foreign trade sector

Reform, retrenchment, or continuity? Open source data offers some insights

Peter Ward April 17, 2020

Thailand says it deported six illegal North Korean workers ahead of UN deadline

All six working in one North Korean restaurant were arrested and fined before being deported in early December

Colin Zwirko April 9, 2020

South Korean vendor of North Korean products not violating sanctions: MOU

Goods were all imported prior to 2010 imposition of 'May 24 Measures'

Chad O'Carroll April 9, 2020

Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair confirmed postponed due to coronavirus

New date for North Korea’s largest trade fair set for May yet to be determined, while April sci-tech fair also delayed

Colin Zwirko April 8, 2020

Despite route log data, North Korean vessel did not visit Australia

DPRK vessel appears to have engaged in spoofing

Chad O'Carroll April 7, 2020

"Dire situation": How COVID-19 is impacting the North Korea travel industry

With tourism to North Korea frozen after a record-breaking year, some believe visits won't be possible until 2021

Chad O'Carroll April 7, 2020
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