October 31, 2020


Latest North Korea news from NK News correspondents

On parade: luxury Mercedes limos spotted in North Korea

Mercedes limousines worth up to $2M each spotted at July military parade

Leo Byrne August 5, 2014

North Korea "imminent threat" to security - Japan defense paper

Japan cites DPRK missile and WMD programme, contributing to "increasingly severe" security situation

Satellite TV plan wins North Korea 'hackathon' event in San Francsico

Teenage team wins first ever North Korea 'hackathon' event

Chad O'Carroll August 5, 2014

North Korea willing to use biological weapons, adjusting nuclear facilities - U.S. report

U.S. State Department declassified report critical of North Korea in areas of biological and nuclear proliferation

Hamish Macdonald August 4, 2014

North Korea request UN meeting over military drills

North Korea renew request for emergency Security Council meeting over annual military drills

Hamish Macdonald August 4, 2014

U.S. defense panel stresses N. Korea emergency preparation

U.S. should coordinate with China, plan to secure North's WMDs in collapse or conflict scenario, report says

Rob York August 4, 2014

North Korea Hackathon kicks off in San Francisco

North Korea 'hackathon' attended by "Bay Area technologists, investors, engineers, designers"

Chad O'Carroll August 2, 2014

Month passes as detained Americans await trial in North Korea

Wait for trial now twice as long as experienced by Kenneth Bae

Chad O'Carroll August 2, 2014

North Korea replacing 5000 won notes

Move could indicate 10,000 won bill coming, expert says

Oliver Hotham August 1, 2014

Kenneth Bae feels "abandoned" by U.S.

American jailed in North Korea is increasingly worried about prospects of release, according to newspaper

Hamish Macdonald July 31, 2014