July 10, 2020


Latest North Korea news from NK News correspondents

Phishing emails targeting North Korea watchers grow increasingly sophisticated

Ongoing campaign recycles real emails from victims but also deploys original content in good English

Min Chao Choy July 1, 2020

Top White House aide reiterates U.S. calls for talks with North Korea

National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien says U.S. remains "committed to engagement" with DPRK

Terrence Matsuo June 30, 2020

North Korea marks Kim Jong Un leadership anniversary with low-key fare

National meeting not held for Kim's rise to "Chairman," likely due to wider changes initiated before the COVID-19 crisis

Colin Zwirko June 30, 2020

North Korea has now tested 922 people for COVID-19: World Health Organization

255 DPRK nationals remain under quarantine, official tells NK News

Jeongmin Kim June 30, 2020

Russian ambassador dismisses "baseless" rumors about Kim Jong Un's health

No signs of anything unusual happening in North Korea, Russia's top diplomat in Pyongyang tells TASS

Oliver Hotham June 30, 2020

Door still open to diplomacy with North Korea, top U.S. envoy says

Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun said economic pressure could bring Pyongyang back to the negotiation table

Amid all-time appearance lows, Kim Jong Un absent for another three-week period

Data showed an unprecedentedly low number of Kim Jong Un appearances over the past three months

Chad O'Carroll June 29, 2020

"Pressing" need to restart inter-Korean family reunions, UN official says

Pyongyang is to blame for the continued delay in family reunions, Signe Poulsen tells NK News

Oliver Hotham June 29, 2020

New North Korean ambassador to Iran meets Rouhani, talks “common enemy” U.S.

North Korea's Han Song U was confirmed as the new ambassador to Iran in his first public appearance in the country

Colin Zwirko June 29, 2020

North Korean restaurant in Beijing remains open, despite UN sanctions

Pyongyang Unbangwan is one of at least two DPRK-linked eateries operating in the Chinese capital city

Chad O'Carroll June 26, 2020
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