October 24, 2020


Latest North Korea news from NK News correspondents

‘Destroy the US’ slogans removed for North Korea’s latest military parade

Kim Jong Un may have made positive gestures towards U.S. by removing slogans and avoiding direct mention of Washington

Colin Zwirko October 12, 2020

U.N. requested to investigate North Korea for sanctions breaches in documentary

"The Mole" contains evidence on role of North Korean government representatives in brokering weapons deals

Chad O'Carroll October 12, 2020

Apologies, tears and a ‘war deterrent’: Top quotes from Kim Jong Un’s speech

The North Korean leader’s Oct. 10 speech focused on the country’s resilience in the face of many “hardships”

Jeongmin Kim October 12, 2020

Photos: North Korea’s cinematic military parade was both high-tech and emotional

North Korea deployed new settings, new editing techniques and more to put together a “new genre” of state TV broadcasts

Min Chao Choy October 12, 2020

South Korea calls for revived talks after Kim Jong Un’s emotional holiday speech

On Oct. 10, Kim expressed hope that the two Koreas would “take each other’s hand again” in the near future

Jeongmin Kim October 12, 2020

North Korea sends mixed signals on COVID-19 at post-military parade events

Kim Jong Un said to a maskless crowd that the country was virus-free, but masks returned at other events Saturday

Colin Zwirko October 11, 2020

Filmmaker spends 10 years secretly recording North Korea’s shady dealings

“The Mole” shows DPRK officials trying to sell weapons and drug ingredients through the Korean Friendship Association

Min Chao Choy October 11, 2020

Gold, drugs, missiles: North Korea’s attempted illegal sales through the KFA

New film exposes Spanish Korean Friendship Association aristocrat who tried to help the DPRK sell weapons and drugs

Chad O'Carroll October 11, 2020

North Korea reveals new giant ICBMs at historic military parade set before dawn

Four of a new 11-axle ICBM and four of the known Hwasong-15 ICBM rolled through the streets of Pyongyang on Saturday

Colin Zwirko October 10, 2020

Kim Jong Un sheds tears and speaks of North Korea's hardships at holiday speech

Speaking at the ruling party's 75th anniversary events, Kim also expressed hopes to "hold hands" with South Korea again

Colin Zwirko | Kelly Kasulis October 10, 2020
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