August 08, 2020


Latest North Korea news from NK News correspondents

In new aid order, Kim Jong Un signals extended lockdown in Kaesong over COVID-19

North Korean leader also raised party personnel issues in meeting of top officials on Wednesday

Colin Zwirko August 5, 2020

North Korea issues warnings on potential flood at the basin of Taedong River

North Korea released water from a dam near inter-Korean border without notifying South Korea: unification ministry

Jeongmin Kim August 5, 2020

WHO: North Korea tested redefector for COVID-19, but results 'inconclusive'

WHO also confirms that the city of Kaesong has been under lockdown since July 19, when the "redefector" was found

Jeongmin Kim August 5, 2020

North Korean football player set to earn $5 million playing for Qatari team

Contract with Al-Duhail Sports Club, revealed in U.N. report, may make Han Kwang Song one of the DPRK's richest athletes

Oliver Hotham August 5, 2020

North Korea may have exceeded its yearly fuel cap in just one month: UN report

U.N. Panel of Experts report details a sanctions violation complaint against the DPRK submitted by 43 nations

Min Chao Choy August 5, 2020

North Korea's nuclear and missile program remains a threat, top US admiral says

Admiral Charles A. Richard's remarks come amid reports that the U.N. believes North Korea has miniature nuclear warheads

Terrence Matsuo August 4, 2020

Slow but steady progress on North Korean naval base construction, imagery shows

Kim Jong Un visited in 2013, but final stages of construction on the large special operations base have yet to begin

Colin Zwirko August 4, 2020

North Korea continuing 'intense' development of ballistic missiles, nukes: UN

U.N. panel report details ongoing sanctions evasion, illicit exports of coal by Pyongyang

Oliver Hotham August 4, 2020

VIDEO: Despite COVID-19 fears, train delivers cargo across China-DPRK border

Train cargo includes goods covered in blue tarpaulins while the border bridge appears to be undergoing maintenance

Chad O'Carroll August 3, 2020

North Korea issues red alert over heavy rains and alludes to possible flooding

State television reported that around 500mm of rainfall has hit certain regions since Saturday

Colin Zwirko August 3, 2020