February 23, 2020


Latest North Korea news from NK News correspondents


North Korean restaurants in Dubai shut-down, "temporarily" close

All three DPRK restaurants in the United Arab Emirates appear to have shut down

Chad O'Carroll February 18, 2020

North Korea imported $75 million in tobacco products from China last year: data

Cigarette imports continue despite pledges from DPRK leadership to crack down on foreign tobacco products

Jacob Fromer February 18, 2020

Average monthly income of North Korean defectors hit record high in 2019: MOU

New data reveals continued gap between escapees and the wider South Korean public, however

Jeongmin Kim February 18, 2020

North Korea's mass games to return this year, tour company says

Title and date of upcoming performance still unclear, however

Oliver Hotham February 18, 2020

DPRK media denounces Seoul for seeking U.S. "approval" on inter-Korean projects

DPRK Today article appears to be first North Korean reaction to Seoul's "independent tourism" idea

Jeongmin Kim February 17, 2020

North Korea-linked group hacked Thae Yong-ho's smartphone: security expert

The former DPRK diplomat tells NK News that no information of value was on the hacked cellphone, however

Jeongmin Kim | Seon-wook Kim February 17, 2020

North Korean brand launches multi-pack canned beer box-set, pictures show

Eight pack of beer includes a complimentary beer glass, latest innovation from Kyonghung Foodstuff Factory

Chad O'Carroll February 16, 2020

North Korea imported a dozen purebred horses from Russia last year, data shows

Horses worth $75,509.76 were shipped to DPRK same month as Kim Jong Un's visit to Mount Paektu

Jacob Fromer February 16, 2020

Kim Jong Un marks father’s birthday with first appearance in three weeks

2020 off to unusually quiet start for DPRK leader’s on-site visits

Colin Zwirko February 15, 2020

North Korea making strides in satellite manufacturing and testing: state media

State outlet Naenara boasts Korea Space Association’s recent space science developments

Colin Zwirko February 14, 2020