June 04, 2020


Latest North Korea news from NK News correspondents


Construction resumes on China-North Korea island EDZ: satellite imagery

New work may be part of joint initiative with Chinese companies, comes despite sanctions and COVID-19 restrictions

Colin Zwirko June 1, 2020

Sanctions exemption needed before North Korean firms do business in South: MOU

Seoul dismisses claims that planned revision of inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation Act would breach UN sanctions

Jeongmin Kim June 1, 2020

North Korean schools to reopen this month after two-month delay: state media

DPRK radio says classes set to restart soon, with teachers ordered to "strictly abide" by COVID-19 prevention steps

Jeongmin Kim June 1, 2020

Elaborate cyberattack against North Korea human rights activist

Spearphishing campaign against Committee for Human Rights in North Korea reveals deep research into victim’s contacts

Nils Weisensee May 30, 2020

German, Russian UN missions clash over cause of North Korea humanitarian crisis

Germany criticizes DPRK "hypocrisy" in blocking aid during COVID-19; Russia says sanctions are "collective punishment"

Jacob Fromer May 29, 2020

North Korea denies cyber-crime accusations, says U.S. seeks to “provoke”: MFA

DPRK statement comes after U.S. indicts 28 North Koreans for money laundering

Min Chao Choy May 29, 2020

North Korean TV airs new segment promoting national space program

State media lauds DPRK's efforts to become a "space power," hints at continued extra-terrestrial ambitions

Colin Zwirko May 29, 2020

GoFundMe pulls campaign raising funds for COVID-19 aid to North Korea

Online fundraising platform says sanctions prohibit it from hosting the campaign

Jeongmin Kim May 29, 2020

Russia saw "acute" increase in North Korean poaching last year: Border Service

16 vessels and 3754 poachers were detained last year, official says, a 14-fold increase compared to previous years

Min Chao Choy May 29, 2020

U.S. indicts 28 North Koreans for role in $2.5 billion money laundering plot

DPRK established network of covert bank branches around world to funnel money back home, Department of Justice says

Jacob Fromer May 28, 2020