October 24, 2020


Latest North Korea news from NK News correspondents

North Korean group accused of phishing attack against Russian defense industry

A Russian researcher attributed more 2020 phishing attempts to a North Korea-linked group called Kimsuky

Min Chao Choy October 20, 2020

North Korea shares new ‘emergency quarantine law’ amid global COVID-19 woes

The DPRK claims that it has no cases of COVID-19, but the new law addresses what to do in an infectious disease outbreak

Jeongmin Kim October 20, 2020

‘The Mole’ director talks North Korean weapon sales, the film’s fallout and more

Director Mads Brügger shares behind-the-scenes details on 'The Mole,' the Korean Friendship Association and more

NK News October 20, 2020

Behind ‘The Mole’: Director talks secret mics, finances & dangerous close calls

Director Mads Brügger spills details on what it’s like to secretly record North Korea for a decade

NK News October 20, 2020

North Korea accuses South Korea of an ‘evil scheme’ after US-ROK defense meeting

DPRK state media said that Washington and Seoul’s joint military exercises are “foul,” calling them “war practices”

Jeongmin Kim October 20, 2020

Bribes, beatings, forced confessions: Report shows horrors of North Korean jails

A new Human Rights Watch report recounts human rights abuses in North Korean pre-trial detention

Min Chao Choy October 19, 2020

Shooting victim’s family vows to sue North Korea ‘just like the Warmbiers did’

The Warmbiers sent a letter to the family of the South Korean man shot and killed by North Korean soldiers on Sept. 22

Jeongmin Kim October 19, 2020

North Korea promises 'transparency' on plans to develop sensitive space program

DPRK official tells UN committee that Pyongyang ‘will make steady efforts for outer space development’

Colin Zwirko October 19, 2020

Pyongyang General Hospital project misses Kim Jong Un’s ambitious deadline

The North Korean leader previously alluded to construction delays due to the recent spate of natural disasters

Colin Zwirko October 16, 2020

North Korea slams 'The Mole' documentary as 'nonsense' and demands raw footage

North Korea’s Embassy in Stockholm is calling out the documentary series in a privately circulated note seen by NK News

Kelly Kasulis | Min Chao Choy October 16, 2020