August 13, 2020

Military affairs

Information related to military issues in North and South Korea

Seoul: Defector likely returned North through a drain, may not have COVID-19

Authorities believe that a bag left near the drain likely belongs to a defector surnamed Kim

Jeongmin Kim July 27, 2020

Why North Korea won't admit it started the Korean War, 67 years after armistice

It's the 67th anniversary of the Korean War armistice, but Pyongyang still claims it repelled an invasion from the South

Andrei Lankov July 26, 2020

Prospects unclear for 2020 Trump-Kim summit, South Korean prime minister says

No government-level "signal" from North Korea regarding inter-Korean COVID-19 quarantine cooperation, Chung says

Jeongmin Kim July 22, 2020

Mark Esper: Ignoring DPRK sanctions part of Chinese 'catalog of bad behavior'

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper says he hopes to visit China to discuss sanctions enforcement by the end of 2020

Terrence Matsuo July 21, 2020

SpaceX launches South Korea’s first exclusive military-use satellite

Pyongyang has frequently complained that Seoul’s satellite developments violate agreements and threaten peace

Colin Zwirko July 21, 2020

US-ROK defense ministers discuss joint drills and joint response over COVID-19

North Korea has been condemning joint drills as part of U.S. "hostile policy" against Pyongyang

Jeongmin Kim July 21, 2020

Unification minister nominee proposes inter-Korean public health complex

Lee In-young says South Korea should pursue humanitarian work and tourism with the DPRK independently of the U.S.

Jeongmin Kim July 20, 2020

Kim Jong Un leads meeting on 'war deterrent' and 'intensifying' party education

The DPRK discussed how to address issues in the "political and ideological life" of party officials, the KCNA reported

Kelly Kasulis July 18, 2020

UK issues correction on asset freeze targeting top North Korean official

The change is likely due to a clerical error, but reveals that the UK Treasury is behind on a DPRK official's title

Jeongmin Kim July 15, 2020

Friends forever? The China-North Korea defense treaty turns 59

The pact's anniversary means only one year until the two allies' defense commitments are due to be renewed

James Fretwell July 11, 2020
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