August 13, 2020

Military affairs

Information related to military issues in North and South Korea


Timeline: From multiple Kim Jong Un appearances to defector 'suspected' of COVID

NK Pro timeline charts the key events from July 1 to July 31

NK Pro August 4, 2020

North Korea continuing 'intense' development of ballistic missiles, nukes: UN

U.N. panel report details ongoing sanctions evasion, illicit exports of coal by Pyongyang

Oliver Hotham August 4, 2020

North Korean state media slams South for 'deceitfully' enhancing missile power

North Korea's Meari says that new missile guidelines and an increased military budget go against Seoul's "peace" goals

Jeongmin Kim August 3, 2020

North Korea in July 2020: a month in review and what's ahead

An analysis of the main developments between July 1 and July 31

NK Pro August 3, 2020

South Korean military admits to several failures after high-profile redefection

Clips recorded by surveillance equipment show that a defector named Kim swam towards the North in the dark

Jeongmin Kim July 31, 2020

North Korea fired anti-ship cruise missile this month: ROK military official

Launch not revealed by South Korea at the time as it was deemed part of "regular" training

Colin Zwirko | Jeongmin Kim July 30, 2020

Work on Pyongyang central square continues ahead of military parade, photos show

Renovations to leader's viewing platform and foreign ministry visible in recent photos taken from Kim Il Sung Square

Colin Zwirko July 29, 2020

JCS: Defector likely went past military barrier and swam towards North Korea

South Korean military officials admitted that security operations may have "overlooked" DPRK-bound redefections

Jeongmin Kim July 28, 2020

South Korea wins permission to develop new solid-fuel space rocket

Technology will likely be for civilian use, but development could lead to improved military capabilities

Kelly Kasulis July 28, 2020

Kim Jong Un says those who challenge North Korea's nukes will 'pay dearly'

DPRK leader defends ‘permanent’ nuclear war deterrent at Korean War veterans conference

Colin Zwirko July 27, 2020
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