February 19, 2020

Military affairs

Information related to military issues in North and South Korea

Kim Jong Gwan confirmed as North Korea's new defense minister: state media

Promotion notable given Kim's background in state construction works, analyst says

Jeongmin Kim January 21, 2020

How more great power diplomacy could solve the North Korean nuclear problem

A U.S.-China pact to protect their respective client states would put both North and South Korea under nuclear umbrellas

Robert E. McCoy January 21, 2020

Keeping the peace at the DMZ - NKNews Podcast Ep.111

Swiss Major General Patrick Gauchat discusses neutral actors on the peninsula and their importance going forward

NK News January 21, 2020

'Fire and fury' in the Middle East: how the Iran crisis could impact North Korea

The drone strike that killed Iranian general Qassem Soleimani on January 3 has likely shaken up Pyongyang's leadership

Dennis P. Halpin January 17, 2020

New North Korean film stresses military path after standing up to U.S. in 2019

2.5 hr propaganda film recounts Kim’s 2019 summits, economic and military visits, and DPRK’s self-reliant “new path”

Colin Zwirko January 15, 2020

In full: Kim Jong Un's most prominent officials in 2019

NK Pro charts the DPRK officials most frequently by Kim Jong Un's side in 2019

Jeongmin Kim January 14, 2020

Pyongyang Sunan airport upgrades, other changes underway at capital’s airfields

Imagery shows dismantling of Kangdong Airfield facilities, while North Korean elite air clubs see recent boost

Colin Zwirko January 13, 2020

North Korean arms industry, military officials rose to prominence in 2019: data

Top ruling party cadre Jo Yong Won remained the DPRK leader's closest aide, however

Jeongmin Kim January 13, 2020

Why President Trump should trade U.S. troops in Korea for denuclearization

Bringing American soldiers home could help Kim Jong Un feel more secure and help fulfill a long-standing goal of Trump's

Doug Bandow January 6, 2020

As U.S.-Iran conflict grows, North Korea's denuclearization odds may shrink

DPRK will likely see U.S. attack on top Iranian general as sign that nuclear weapons are necessary, experts tell NK News

Jacob Fromer January 3, 2020
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