September 28, 2020


Information related to North Korean history

Behind the evolution of North Korea’s leadership loyalty badges

Every North Korean is required to wear one, but where did they come from and how did it all start?

Hyowon Shin July 30, 2013

NK Media Watch – July 10 to 16

Birthday's, anniversaries and festivities

Matthew McGrath July 18, 2013

Did Kim Jong Un purge his father's widow, Kim Ok?

‘Harem politics’ makes the ever contentious succession issue even more complicated

Andrei Lankov July 5, 2013

NK Media Watch – June 19 to 25

Coverage of Kim Jong Un’s Letter of Appeal, reporting of festivities honoring the beginning of the Korean War, and efforts taken by the government to ensure a better future

Matthew McGrath June 26, 2013

The day South Korea faced the merciless reality of extinction

This Day in the History of the DPRK: June 25, JUCHE 38 (1950)

Brandon K. Gauthier June 25, 2013

Why North Korea wants to talk about a tourist mountain

Money, no exposure to Southern influence and little work make Mt. Kumgang an ideal platform for cooperation

Andrei Lankov June 10, 2013

How to send your child to summer camp in North Korea

"Parents are responsible for about 300 euros in fees and travel costs, with all other expenses being met by the Korean side.”

Justin Rohrlich June 6, 2013

Like (Grand) Father, Like Son?

History Shows Kim Jong Un No More Reckless Than Predecessors

Luke Herman May 31, 2013

Does it really make sense to engage North Korea?

Former UK Ambassador to North Korea lays out the case for engagement with North Korea

Chad O'Carroll May 29, 2013

When the first American soldier defected to North Korea

"The people in North Korea are enjoying freedom and happiness inaccessible to the working people of the United States"

Brandon K. Gauthier May 28, 2013
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