June 02, 2020


Information related to the North Korean culture and culture in North Korea

NK Media Watch – Aug 14 to 20

More on Victory Day, soccer tournament and a Kiwi bike tour

Matthew McGrath August 23, 2013

How North Korea is striving to prepare for its future: part 1

A look at how education and information technology will shape North Korea's future

Gianluca Spezza August 21, 2013

A North Korean in New York City says goodbye

"Living in the U.S. makes me feel equal to others"

Park Ji Woo August 11, 2013

NK Media Watch – July 31 to Aug 6

Domestic North Korean TV coverage: Anniversaries, Iran, memorial services and summer vacation

Matthew McGrath August 7, 2013

Behind the evolution of North Korea’s leadership loyalty badges

Every North Korean is required to wear one, but where did they come from and how did it all start?

Hyowon Shin July 30, 2013

Increase in foreign tourists attending this year's mass games

State media reports this year’s mass games to focus on 60th anniversary of end of Korean War

Brian Kim | Yeseul Loaiza July 19, 2013

NK Media Watch – June 26 to July 1

Reactions to Kim Jong Un's "historic" speech, criticism on 2007 North-South Summit talks, soldiers express devotion to Kim Jong Un

Matthew McGrath July 3, 2013

North Korean Movies VS NYC Summer Blockbusters

"I would like to share my favorite movies with my father, such as The Matrix, Titanic, and Shrek. I would like to take him to the theaters in Seoul, just like he did in North Korea when I was a child."

Park Ji Woo June 28, 2013

Drunken haze: How American soldiers are viewed in N. Korea

'I'm guessing he was four-legged because you were seeing the action as the drunk U.S. soldier was seeing it.'

Justin Rohrlich June 26, 2013

South Korea hopes for positive response to Asian Games invitation

Past international sporting events hosted in South marred by terrorism

Matthew Clayton June 24, 2013
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