April 06, 2020


Information related to the North Korean culture and culture in North Korea

New N. Korean stamps push propaganda line to "break through" sanctions hardships

Five new stamps follow Kim Jong Un’s new year plenum speech, focus on countering sanctions and other top 2020 policies

Colin Zwirko February 11, 2020

North Korean officials rank top universities, criticize "whining" stragglers

Meeting follows Kim Jong Un's September complaints that DPRK education “lags far behind” global trends

Jeongmin Kim February 10, 2020

The unresolved and sidelined: North Korean human rights and summit diplomacy

Olivia Enos of Heritage discusses why issue of DPRK human rights should be addressed in future denuclearization talks

Jeongmin Kim February 5, 2020

North Korean state media’s anti-U.S. propaganda remains coded in new year

Coverage of Sinchon Museum showcasing alleged American atrocities continues without explicit U.S. mention

Colin Zwirko February 5, 2020

New North Korean smartphones using AI, facial recognition technology: DPRK Today

Latest "Jindallae"-brand models popular thanks to their "unique appearance, function, and convenience," state media says

Jeongmin Kim February 4, 2020

Unconverted political prisoners, and inter-Korean romance, in DPRK fiction

Stories based (very) loosely on the real-life repatriations of prisoners from South to North became popular in the 2000s

Tatiana Gabroussenko January 31, 2020

North Korea's KCTV added to fourth satellite broadcasting service

Development could make KCTV easier to watch in South Korea

Chad O'Carroll January 29, 2020

The Flower of Unification: how a girl from the South became an icon in the North

Lim Su-kyung's 1989 Pyongyang visit shows how close, and yet how far apart, the two Koreas were and remain to this day

James Fretwell January 29, 2020

How foreign media is changing the ways North Koreans view the outside world

New technology is allowing ordinary people to access sources of information other than Party-approved state media

Jonathan R. Corrado January 28, 2020

How technology impacts foreign media consumption, and crackdowns, in North Korea

For ordinary people, connecting with the outside world is an ever-evolving cat and mouse game with the authorities

Jonathan R. Corrado January 23, 2020
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