September 19, 2020


Information related to the North Korean culture and culture in North Korea

'Frozen in time': Photos inside North Korea's lavish, nostalgia-driving hotels

A new book, "Hotels of Pyongyang," offers a detailed view of North Korean aesthetic and design in places of leisure

Kelly Kasulis August 19, 2020

The best and the worst of reporting on North Korea - NKNews Podcast Ep.142

Former NK News editor Oliver Hotham discusses his years reporting on the DPRK and how North Korea coverage is improving

NK News August 18, 2020

Review: Nuclear map of 'Kim Jong Un and the Bomb' will stand the test of time

Ankit Panda’s book dives into the reality that North Korea is now a nuclear state, just like Israel, India and Pakistan.

Glyn Ford August 16, 2020

Twitter abruptly restricts North Korean state media's @coldnoodlefan account

@Coldnoodlefan drew global attention this year for promoting a new English-language DPRK media initiative

Colin Zwirko August 12, 2020

Ask a North Korean: How popular is soccer in North Korea?

"The World Cup and the Olympics are far beyond the daily concerns of many because they live such harsh lives"

In-hua Kim August 10, 2020

'Fatherly Love': State media sings praises for Kim Jong Un amid flood response

Emotional interviews and ceremonies reach the big screen as Kim responds to North Korean worries over COVID-19, flooding

Colin Zwirko August 10, 2020

North Korea is targeting China with increasingly-aggressive propaganda on Weibo

Posts on Weibo's NewDPRK and I Take You to Koryo accounts promote vignettes of Pyongyang life and anti-U.S. sentiment

Luz Ding August 6, 2020

North Korean football player set to earn $5 million playing for Qatari team

Contract with Al-Duhail Sports Club, revealed in U.N. report, may make Han Kwang Song one of the DPRK's richest athletes

Oliver Hotham August 5, 2020

Talking Rastafarianism with North Koreans - NKNews Podcast Ep.140

Benjamin Zephaniah discusses his trips to North Korea and teaching poetry to university students in Pyongyang

NK News August 4, 2020

How North Korea's Pungsan dog became a symbol of the country's 'proud spirit'

Pungsan dogs are said to be pure, spontaneous, and loyal to their leaders - just like a good North Korean should be

Tatiana Gabroussenko August 3, 2020
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