June 03, 2020


Information related to the North Korea economic sector

North Korea experiencing economic hardship, "lagging behind": state media

Cabinet newspaper also warns against taking aid from "blabbering" imperialists

Jeongmin Kim April 22, 2020

After UN worker ban took effect, Russia granted 753 work visas to North Koreans

Data reveal flow of DPRK nationals into Russia despite UN sanctions, strict border controls during COVID-19 pandemic

Jacob Fromer April 21, 2020

China's reported oil exports to North Korea plunge in early 2020: data

Just 11.91 tons of refined petroleum reported in March; lowest ever recorded since UN oil sanctions took effect in 2017

Jacob Fromer April 20, 2020

South Korean firm repeatedly tied to North Korea-linked ship-to-ship transfers

ROK company implicated in encounters with DPRK-flagged and UNSC-designated vessels


North Korea's changing economy: the view from the foreign trade sector

Reform, retrenchment, or continuity? Open source data offers some insights

Peter Ward April 17, 2020

North Korea's Wonsan-Kalma project fails to meet April 15 completion deadline

Finishing materials still being sent to marquee beach resort as construction is ā€œpushing forward,ā€ state outlets say

Colin Zwirko April 17, 2020

What we can learn from North Korea's opaque 2019 official economic figures

Aside from a few cherry-picked figures, the lack of numbers suggest the DPRK economy is still struggling to grow

Peter Ward April 15, 2020

Why North Korea may have, quietly, scrapped its last five-year economic plan

With sanctions relief unlikely and a "break-through battle" ahead, Kim Jong Un is shifting gears

Wang Son-taek April 15, 2020

North Korea's Supreme People's Assembly meets: new laws and notable promotions

The rubber-stamp parliament's first session this year saw officials approve three new laws

Martin Weiser April 13, 2020

North Korean Cabinet officials accused of "serious mistakes" last year: KCNA

At parliamentary session, top technocrats urged to ensure "unified guidance" in state management of the economy

Oliver Hotham April 12, 2020
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