October 23, 2020


Information related to the North Korea economic sector

Ask a North Korean: Do North Koreans use dating apps like Tinder or OKCupid?

"Even holding hands in public — let alone anything like Tinder — is frowned upon as anti-socialist behavior"

In-hua Kim September 9, 2020

North Korean border ports quiet in August, despite a heavy reliance on sea trade

Except for Chinese coast guard and fishing boats, only one ship appears active at the mouth of the Yalu

Min Chao Choy September 8, 2020

Overfished: Why North Korea leaves behind ‘ghost ships’ and turns a blind eye

The world’s fish supply is in critical danger, and strange economic constraints are making things worse for North Korea

Andrei Lankov September 8, 2020

North Koreans pitch in to rebuild areas devastated by typhoons, state media says

Kim Jong Un’s “open letter” calling for helping hands leads to a major public campaign to rebuild what was lost

Jeongmin Kim September 7, 2020

How a small Chinese city exploded into a major port for North Korean trade

150 companies in Dandong were behind around 25% of Chinese exports to North Korea in 2016 — roughly $750 million

Min Chao Choy September 4, 2020

Why North Korea may be on the brink of another deadly ‘Arduous March’ famine

Sanctions, flooding, COVID-19 and other 2020 conditions look eerily similar to what caused the devastating 1990s famine

James Fretwell September 4, 2020

Red wine and champagne, anyone? North Korea touts its domestically-made booze

Growing North Korean interest in domestically made wines could be linked to sanctions hurdles to foreign imports

Chad O'Carroll September 4, 2020

North Korea’s top seaport eerily quiet after rumors of a closed trade route

August ship tracking data supports NGO reports that the Dalian-Nampho sea route was closed in late July

Min Chao Choy September 3, 2020

North Korea in Aug. 2020: A month review and what's ahead

An analytical look at the main developments from Aug. 1, 2020 to Aug. 31, 2020

NK Pro September 2, 2020

Accordions and fake beards: North Korean exports to China fall slightly in July

North Korea’s July exports shrunk compared to previous months, which marked a recovery after a steep COVID-19 crash

Min Chao Choy August 31, 2020
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