September 25, 2020

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Max Kim

Max Kim is a freelance journalist based in Seoul.

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Crossing the line: Has North Korea's biggest foe finally gone too far?

Defector-activist Park Sang-hak has long stirred controversy, but political winds may no longer be blowing in his favor

Max Kim July 31, 2020

Disillusioned South Korean men seek North Korean wives

Unions between South and North Koreans on the rise, with matchmakers in between

Max Kim December 23, 2014

What's in a name? Defectors' organization attracts criticism

Coalition rails against Korea Hana Foundation for name change, budget issues, lack of defector representation

Max Kim | Robert Lauler November 4, 2014

Why South Koreans don't care about the North

After decades of the North's presence, many in the South seem desensitized

Max Kim September 26, 2014

Kim Jong Un absent from second session of 13th Supreme People’s Assembly

Kim Jong Un fails to appear at major political meeting in Pyongyang

Max Kim September 25, 2014

American citizen arrested attempting to enter N. Korea

Arab-American swims Han River, says he wanted to meet Kim Jong Un

Max Kim September 17, 2014

Pro N. Korea media launches personal attack on democracy balloon activist

After failed assassination attempt, pro-NK media outlet kicks off anti-defector series with profile on Park Sang Hak

Max Kim September 4, 2014

NK condemns U.S. plans to bring THAAD to South Korea

State media calls United States the ‘wrecker of strategic equilibrium’

Max Kim September 3, 2014

North Korea’s revolutionary fund manager defects to Russia

North Korean sources say Yoon Tae Hyung disappeared with $5 million

Max Kim August 29, 2014

North Korean veterans turn to violent, drug-related crimes: report

Radio Free Asia report cites sources claiming ‘difficult living situations’ led to illicit activity

Max Kim August 28, 2014