August 13, 2020

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Robert Lauler

Robert Lauler has worked as an NGO employee, translator and writer during his time in Korea. He is now an NK News correspondent based in Seoul and can be reached at[email protected].

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North Korea wants 'broad-minded diplomacy' in 2015

Pro-North newspaper emphasizes North Korea's intent for dialogue in new year

Robert Lauler December 18, 2014

North Korea criticizes US over CIA report

KCNA calls report evidence of "organized human rights abuse"

Robert Lauler December 16, 2014

North Korea calls U.S. "wasteland of human rights"

Editorial calls Obama a "puppet of large monopoly-hungry conglomerates"

Robert Lauler December 11, 2014

Japan Times: North Korea military building collapses

Some 80 people reported killed in collapse in Pyongyang

Robert Lauler December 9, 2014

North Korea's 'campaign to secure water' continues

DPRK appears to be ramping up efforts to alleviate water shortages

Robert Lauler December 4, 2014

North Korean official: Russian investment in railways model for future

North Korean hopes for Soviet-era investment a mirage, Pyongyang watcher says

Robert Lauler November 25, 2014

North Korean special envoy meets Putin

Lankov: Focus of visit on strengthening bilateral relations, not on human rights bill

Robert Lauler November 20, 2014

Pyongyang watcher: Kim Sul Song is Kim Jong Un's head secretary

North Korean watchers split on role and influence of Kim Jong Un's older half-sister

Robert Lauler November 18, 2014

North Korea criticizes Christmas tree near DMZ

Criticism may be calculated to isolate Park administration, says Pyongyang watcher

Robert Lauler November 17, 2014

North Korean state media: Choe Ryong Hae to visit Russia

News of visit follows warming Russia-DPRK ties

Robert Lauler November 14, 2014
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