August 10, 2020

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James Pearson

James Pearson (@pearswick) was the NK News Seoul Correspondent.

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North Korean military parade: What the cameras didn't show you

Exclusive pictures show both excitement of soldiers and details of advanced weaponry

Chad O'Carroll | James Pearson August 1, 2013

Road to nowhere: North Korea's abandoned broken bridges

Crossing the rusty Chinese bridge to North Korea that stops a stone's throw from the border

James Pearson July 30, 2013

Sugar, bees and Korean slow search on N. Korean cargo ship

Ministry of Health now having to fumigate seized ship on daily basis due to uncontrollable swarms of bees

James Pearson July 29, 2013

In border regions, Chinese traders see profit in N. Korea

'North Korea is definitely on the verge of opening up; I can feel it when I'm there.'

James Pearson July 23, 2013

North Korea responds to seized cargo ship in Panama Canal

Meanwhile, bees attracted to sugar concealing illegal cargo slows down search for weapons

James Pearson July 18, 2013

China presents North Korea with Kim Jong Il waxwork

Waxwork will go on display in Pyongyang after second opening ceremony on July 27

James Pearson July 10, 2013

North Korea produces video on Edward Snowden case

Propaganda website uses Snowden case to highlight South Korean 'servile' relationship with U.S.

James Pearson July 9, 2013

Seoul cruise missile purchase 'hostile' – N. Korean diplomat

German-made 'bunker buster' cruise missiles capable of hitting underground bunkers in Pyongyang

James Pearson July 9, 2013

We have to live with a nuclear North Korea – Breen

North Korea could be one of the most rapidly-developing economies in history, once it starts

James Pearson July 5, 2013

Wonsan Airport project on hold due to 'political instability'

Hong Kong investment company behind major overhaul of small Wonsan air force base

James Pearson July 3, 2013
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