July 09, 2020

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Curtis Melvin

Curtis Melvin a researcher at the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins SAIS and contributor to NK News Pro. He is also editor of North Korean Economy Watch,  one of the longest running DPRK blogs, as well as creator and manager of a database of the most extensive Google Earth imagery work on North Korea.

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Kim Il Sung's Hyangsan Palace demolished

Building Kim Il Sung reported to have died in razed, replaced with young trees

Curtis Melvin April 24, 2014

N. Korea continues to "normalize" villages within closed prison camps

Former prison camps now being converted to "ordinary collective farms and mines"

Curtis Melvin March 5, 2014

Identified: East Pyongyang's new shopping mall

The most visible sign of new Chinese investment since the ouster of Jang Song Thaek in late 2013

Curtis Melvin January 17, 2014

Satellite imagery reveals major urban development in Rason

Satellite imagery shows modernization efforts also taking place beyond Pyongyang

Curtis Melvin November 11, 2013

Identifying the Ibiza of N. Korea: Where Kim Jong Un met Rodman

Satellite imagery reveals Rodman went to Wonsan

Curtis Melvin October 22, 2013

Three new North Korean railway updates

Satellite imagery shows new railway line construction

Curtis Melvin October 9, 2013

American brand clothing seen at North Korean garment factory

U.S. clothing brand Lands' End to "address the issue appropriately"

Chad O'Carroll | Curtis Melvin September 12, 2013

Kim Jong Un holds first guidance meeting at family compound

Visit shows that Kim Jong Il's Kangdong residence still in use

Curtis Melvin August 19, 2013

Exclusive: Inside the N. Korean court that tried Kenneth Bae

Behind the scenes at North Korea's highest legal institution where Americans go for sentencing

Curtis Melvin August 5, 2013

DPRK expands tourist access to Wonsan Kalma Peninsula

Tourists may soon be able to stay adjacent to military bases in Wonsan

Curtis Melvin July 31, 2013
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