April 02, 2020

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Anthony V. Rinna

Anthony V. Rinna is a Senior Editor with the Sino-NK research group. He’s lived in South Korea since 2014.

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Why the coronavirus could sharpen the battle over sanctions relief for the DPRK

Difficulties in COVID-19 prevention could support the Chinese and Russian position that U.S.-led sanctions are too harsh

Anthony V. Rinna March 4, 2020

The U.S. should empower ROK defense, not squeeze the country for more money

The allies should focus dialogue on how to reduce U.S. troop numbers while maintaining structures for American support

Anthony V. Rinna February 28, 2020

Why it's time for Washington and Seoul to reassess the U.S.-ROK alliance

Bilateral relations face various challenges, including military cost-sharing disputes and stalled talks with the North

Anthony V. Rinna February 19, 2020

Twenty years after the DPRK-Russia friendship treaty, what's been achieved?

Attempts to further cooperation, following an early post-Cold War downturn in relations, have been plagued by sanctions

Anthony V. Rinna February 11, 2020

As North Korea's year-end deadline looms, Russia fears a return to high tensions

Moscow has moved to reassert its importance to the North Korea issue as DPRK-U.S. diplomacy has flagged

Anthony V. Rinna December 17, 2019

Choe Son Hui in Moscow: Russia tries to resuscitate flagging DPRK-U.S. diplomacy

Good relations with Pyongyang are cold comfort to a Russian government eager to see nuclear talks produce results

Anthony V. Rinna November 24, 2019

At Moscow conference, slim progress on North Korea's "window of opportunity"

Moscow's hopes of creating a forum for multilateral dialogue on DPRK issues may have been stalled, at least for now

Anthony V. Rinna November 10, 2019

Why North Korean and Russian state media are joining forces to fight "fake news"

Pyongyang hopes to use Russia's multilingual news outlets to shift the international narrative on the DPRK

Anthony V. Rinna October 31, 2019

What to make of this week's North Korean-Russian parliamentary talks in Moscow

At follow-up to April's Kim-Putin summit, Pyongyang and Moscow express growing solidarity as targets of U.S. sanctions

Anthony V. Rinna October 23, 2019

Following high-seas incident, North Korea-Russia ties face an unusual test

To what extent Pyongyang will cooperate with Moscow in enforcing maritime laws remains to be seen

Anthony V. Rinna September 18, 2019
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