July 15, 2020


Information related to sanctions developments

Singaporean national sought by FBI for North Korea sanctions violations charged

Tan Wee Beng could face up to ten years in prison

Chad O'Carroll June 19, 2020

White House renews U.S. sanctions against North Korea

President Trump cites the continued "unusual and extraordinary threat" from DPRK in routine renewal

Min Chao Choy June 17, 2020

UNFPA wins North Korea sanctions exemptions to tackle reproductive emergencies

UN agency set to import ultrasound machines, operating tables, midwifery kits, and other kit into the DPRK

Kelly Kasulis June 17, 2020

Up in smoke: where relations between the two Koreas can go from here

Seoul cannot and will not take the kind of steps that would be sufficient to satisfy Pyongyang

Christopher Green June 17, 2020

North Korea's top university "intensifying" research on microsatellite tech

Research brief says Kim Il Sung University using American software STK to run satellite simulations

Colin Zwirko June 16, 2020

North Korean embassies seek help procuring equipment for new Pyongyang hospital

Siemens among firms reportedly contacted in order to obtain hardware for North Korea's flagship construction effort

Chad O'Carroll June 9, 2020

UN grants sanctions exemptions for shipments of medical supplies to North Korea

WHO to push forward blood bag factory project, while Eugene Bell Foundation continues anti-TB work

Colin Zwirko June 9, 2020

ANALYSIS: What's driving increasing North Korean vitriol towards the South?

Indicators suggest Pyongyang wants to elevate a sense of crisis with South Korea. But why?

Chad O'Carroll June 8, 2020

UN grants sanctions exemption to UNICEF for aid work in North Korea

UNICEF will have 12-month window to bring in materials for maternal care, water supply, and vaccines

Jacob Fromer June 4, 2020

Timeline: from Kim Jong Un's reappearance to an exchange of gunfire at the DMZ

NK Pro timeline charts the key events from May 1 - May 31

NK Pro June 2, 2020