February 22, 2020

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JH Ahn

JH Ahn was an NK News contributor based in Seoul. He previously worked as an interpreter for United States Forces Korea.

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THAAD system in South Korea now operational, Seoul and Washington say

The system still needs final touch to be integrated with intelligence satellite, says expert

JH Ahn May 2, 2017

Trump says he would be “honored” to meet Kim Jong Un

U.S. President says he would meet North Korean leader "under the right circumstances"

JH Ahn May 1, 2017

N. Korea attempts missile launch, fails: ROK JCS

Test comes on President Trump's 100th day in the Oval Office

JH Ahn April 28, 2017

President Trump says "major conflict" with North Korea possible

In an interview with Reuters, Trump also suggests he wants South Korea to pay for THAAD

JH Ahn April 27, 2017

Amid local protests, key THAAD components deployed in South Korea

Deployment almost complete, system can be operational within 24 hours: military expert

JH Ahn April 26, 2017

Over 100 South Korean-owned cars no longer visible at Kaesong Industrial Complex

Satellite imagery reveals cluster of vehicles nowhere to be seen

JH Ahn April 25, 2017

Sunshine 2.0? Moon Jae-in's new inter-Korean policies, in summary

Presidential hopeful says he will sign peace treaty with the North, push "economic unification"

JH Ahn April 24, 2017

Is North Korea South Korea's "main enemy"?

Cold War terminology dominates ongoing S.Korean presidential campaign

JH Ahn April 20, 2017

Cheollima Civil Defense releases open letter to ROK presidential candidates

In third release by secretive group, CCD comments on South Korean politics

JH Ahn April 19, 2017

Foreign journalists stranded at Pyongyang International Airport

Air Koryo flight from Pyongyang to Beijing delayed for hours, uncertain when it will be resolved

JH Ahn April 17, 2017
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