June 02, 2020

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Jacob Fromer

Jacob Fromer is NK News‘s Washington DC correspondent. He previously worked in the U.S. Senate.

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German, Russian UN missions clash over cause of North Korea humanitarian crisis

Germany criticizes DPRK "hypocrisy" in blocking aid during COVID-19; Russia says sanctions are "collective punishment"

Jacob Fromer May 29, 2020

U.S. indicts 28 North Koreans for role in $2.5 billion money laundering plot

DPRK established network of covert bank branches around world to funnel money back home, Department of Justice says

Jacob Fromer May 28, 2020

Russia issues three more indictments against North Korean fishermen

DPRK nationals are accused of attacking border patrol agent while illegally fishing in Russian waters last September

Jacob Fromer May 27, 2020

Kim Jong Un convenes army top brass, orders increased "nuclear war deterrence"

Meeting is DPRK leader's second public event in more than six weeks, following two unexplained absences from public eye

Jacob Fromer May 23, 2020

North Korean ambassador to India begins post in New Delhi

India remains one of North Korea's main trading partners after China, despite concerns over Pyongyang's nuclear program

Jacob Fromer May 21, 2020

Russia indicts North Korean fisherman for poaching incident last September: TASS

Hundreds of DPRK nationals were detained last year for poaching in Russian waters

Jacob Fromer May 19, 2020

Russia sends wheat aid shipment to North Korea, embassy in Pyongyang says

Report of 25,000-ton shipment comes as UN warns of widespread food insecurity in DPRK, U.S. warns of potential famine

Jacob Fromer May 14, 2020

Foreign subsidiaries of U.S. banks must enforce North Korea sanctions: Treasury

Treasury Department announcement is requirement of U.S. sanctions law passed late last year

Jacob Fromer May 13, 2020

"We assume" Kim Jong Un is alive and well, U.S. National Security Adviser says

DPRK leader has now been out of public eye for another 11 days, following three-week absence last month

Jacob Fromer May 12, 2020

Kim Jong Un congratulates Chinese leader Xi Jinping on COVID-19 "success"

"Verbal message" comes as Beijing says it has COVID-19 under control, Pyongyang denies having any infections at all

Jacob Fromer May 7, 2020
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