November 21, 2019

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Jacob Fromer

Jacob Fromer is NK News‘s Washington DC correspondent. He previously worked in the U.S. Senate.

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Window "still open" for a deal with North Korea, Biegun tells U.S. Senators

Top envoy to DPRK says his promotion to Deputy Secretary of State will bring "higher stature" to the issue

Jacob Fromer November 20, 2019

U.S. outreach to North Korea over war remains "met with silence": DPAA chief

Agency in charge of recovering POW remains still "open" to sitting down with DPRK in 2020

Jacob Fromer November 19, 2019

Senate confirmation hearing for North Korea envoy Biegun set for Wednesday

The U.S. Special Representative for North Korea was nominated for the State Department's number-two position last month

Jacob Fromer November 18, 2019

Trump says Kim Jong Un must "act quickly" to get a deal done

U.S. President's tweet follows Pentagon announcement that upcoming joint military drills with South Korea are postponed

Jacob Fromer November 17, 2019

After DPRK insult, Biden campaign says "repugnant dictators" threatened by ex-VP

Campaign statement comes after North Korean state media referred to former U.S. Vice President as a "rabid dog"

Jacob Fromer November 15, 2019

North Korea warns of "shocking punishment" over upcoming drills: top official

Kim Yong Chol says he wants to believe U.S. defense chief Esper will follow through and cancel military drills with ROK

Jacob Fromer November 14, 2019

North Korea wants concrete proposal before talks with U.S.: top envoy

Statement from DPRK nuclear negotiator Kim Myong Gil rejects peace document, liaison office as bargaining chips

Jacob Fromer November 14, 2019

North Korea slams U.S. "betrayal" over joint drills, warns time running out

State Affairs Commission spokesman warns that "countermeasures" to joint exercises could soon be taken

Jacob Fromer November 13, 2019

South Korean unification minister to visit Washington DC next week

Minister's first official visit to U.S. comes amid tensions between Washington, Seoul, and Pyongyang

Jacob Fromer November 12, 2019

North Korea's nuclear activities still "cause for serious concern": IAEA

In response, DPRK "categorically rejects" the IAEA report and accuses the organization of bias

Jacob Fromer November 11, 2019
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