September 19, 2020


In-depth, investigative journalism on North Korea

North Korea Tech and the internet censorship of the most wired country on Earth

ROK authorities claim popular DPRK-focused IT blog violates the National Security Law

John Power June 22, 2017

Red flags: The African registry employing North Korea's arms smugglers

Investigation reveals network of businesses devoted to covering North Korea's tracks

Leo Byrne May 15, 2017

Enemy’s enemy? The Trump-supporting "alt-right" and North Korea

Pyongyang has an unlikely ally in some of the President-elect’s fellow travelers

Oliver Hotham January 19, 2017

Not going anywhere: North Koreans still working in Namibia

Mansudae Overseas Projects officials now claiming to be a Chinese construction company

John Grobler January 17, 2017

How sanctions are – and aren't – affecting aid work in North Korea

Humanitarian impact may not be entirely due to sanctions, investigation shows

Justin Rohrlich August 31, 2016

The great North Korean soju fiasco: Inside the curious case of Steve Park

New details from former partner shed further light on doomed ventures

Justin Rohrlich August 12, 2016

What happens when Americans get arrested in North Korea?

Former American detainee reveals new details of his captivity, showing what others can expect

Justin Rohrlich July 26, 2016

Russian company makes North Korean workers its selling point

Vladivostok company leverages local reputation with a slick website and social media accounts

Leo Byrne July 19, 2016

Single malt or champagne? Europe's alcohol exports to N. Korea

Germany the second-largest alcohol exporter to DPRK, including single malts and quality wine

Leo Byrne May 2, 2016

Evidence of building collapse inconclusive

NK News investigation, in-country sources cast doubts on media reports

Hamish Macdonald April 28, 2016
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