September 26, 2020


Information related to companies trading in and out of North Korea

North Korean, Lao foreign ministries sign cooperation agreement in Vientiane

Two sides promise closer ties as DPRK business in Laos appears open, despite sanctions

Colin Zwirko April 1, 2020

Shadowy hacking group targets North Koreans, DPRK-focused professionals: Google

South Korea possibly linked to attacks via "DarkHotel" group

Chad O'Carroll March 26, 2020

Status of upcoming North Korean trade fairs in question due to coronavirus

Companies involved in growing DPRK trade events expect cancellations or postponement, but await official word

Colin Zwirko March 19, 2020

North Korean quarantine workers wearing U.S.-brand protective suits: state media

DPRK state media photos show workers wearing what appear to be 3M and DuPont Tyvek hazmat suits

Jeongmin Kim March 19, 2020

Kim Jong Un spotted using armored Lexus luxury sedan

Vehicle features custom B6-level heavy-armor protection, expert says

Chad O'Carroll March 18, 2020

North Korean company unveils new weight-loss app for women

"Female Health Journal" allows users to monitor caloric intake, offers daily exercise tips

Jeongmin Kim March 10, 2020

Troy Collings, Managing Director of North Korea travel company YPT, dies at 33

Co-founder of Young Pioneer Tours died last week after suffering heart attack

Chad O'Carroll March 5, 2020

Sputnik Bank "ready to offer its services" to renew North Korea banking channel

Efforts necessary to find a non-sanctioned partner financial institution in the DPRK

Chad O'Carroll March 5, 2020

U.S. removes North Korea sanctions on Russian oil supplier, citing severed ties

Delisting is U.S. Treasury’s first for secondary North Korea sanctions

Colin Zwirko March 4, 2020

Michael Hay, who managed the longest-running law firm in Pyongyang, dies at 58

Lawyer was known for winning disputes in DPRK, despite its opaque legal system

Chad O'Carroll March 1, 2020
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