January 23, 2021


Information related to companies trading in and out of North Korea

North Korean cruise company wants to sail to South Korea

Company claims it can also take South Korean passengers

Chad O'Carroll August 2, 2013

DPRK expands tourist access to Wonsan Kalma Peninsula

Tourists may soon be able to stay adjacent to military bases in Wonsan

Curtis Melvin July 31, 2013

Increase in foreign tourists attending this year’s mass games

State media reports this year’s mass games to focus on 60th anniversary of end of Korean War

Brian Kim | Yeseul Loaiza July 19, 2013

Information on Rason 2013 Trade Fair emerges

Trade fair to take place as North Korea continues to stress importance of Rason

Curtis Melvin July 9, 2013

How North Korean trading companies make money

Trade organizations work together by swapping their state-approved quota for surplus materials

Andrei Lankov June 28, 2013

Revealed: Plans for North Korea’s new $200m international airport

New economic development project also includes 'business centre' and golf course

Curtis Melvin June 27, 2013

First look: Inside North Korea’s latest ‘Samjiyon’ tablet device

Angry birds, basketball games, tanks and other fun on North Korea's latest iPad-style device

James Pearson June 24, 2013

Why North Korea wants to talk about a tourist mountain

Money, no exposure to Southern influence and little work make Mt. Kumgang an ideal platform for cooperation

Andrei Lankov June 10, 2013

How to send your child to summer camp in North Korea

"Parents are responsible for about 300 euros in fees and travel costs, with all other expenses being met by the Korean side.”

Justin Rohrlich June 6, 2013

The front companies facilitating North Korean arms exports

Investigation reveals the complex web of companies involved in DPRK arms exports

Nate Thayer May 30, 2013