September 30, 2020


Information related to companies trading in and out of North Korea


North Korean TV spotlights small city’s development, omits major ongoing project

New apartment blocks, factory improvements in Huichon touted a week after city said to be experiencing “problems”

Colin Zwirko July 15, 2020

Amazon fined for processing orders linked to North Korea

Online retailer will pay more than $130,000 for violating sanctions against DPRK, Iran, Cuba, Sudan, and Syria

Kelly Kasulis July 8, 2020

North Korea-affiliated hackers linked to credit card skimming sites: report

SanSec says Lazarus group hijacked retail sites with a “higher level of preparation and planning than most”

Min Chao Choy July 7, 2020

Secret partner: North Korean in Thailand behind network of money-making entities

Nam Chol Ung smuggled North Korean counterfeit tobacco through Southeast Asia and ran popular “Korean” restaurant

Min Chao Choy June 30, 2020

North Korean restaurant in Beijing remains open, despite UN sanctions

Pyongyang Unbangwan is one of at least two DPRK-linked eateries operating in the Chinese capital city

Chad O'Carroll June 26, 2020

North Korean receives four-week jail sentence in Singaporean luxury goods case

Li Hyon charged with four counts of conspiracy to supply illicit goods to Pyongyang department store

Min Chao Choy June 23, 2020

New learning apps hint at growing digital education industry in North Korea

New learning software featured in DPRK state media helps children learn English or study math

Kelly Kasulis June 12, 2020

North Korean app offers real estate listings for businesses: state media

“Treasure Island 1.0” for phones and tablets may signal modernized B2B practices within state-controlled system

Colin Zwirko June 8, 2020

Facebook issues new warnings on North Korean propaganda pages

Move come amid broader steps to counter misinformation, though some accounts targeted have ambiguous ties to Pyongyang

Min Chao Choy June 5, 2020

Construction resumes on China-North Korea island EDZ: satellite imagery

New work may be part of joint initiative with Chinese companies, comes despite sanctions and COVID-19 restrictions

Colin Zwirko June 1, 2020
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