February 22, 2020


Information related to companies trading in and out of North Korea

Judge Juche: how North Korean front companies sell their software to the world

Difficulties in tracking sources of digital wares pose challenges to those complying with sanctions

Cameron Trainer October 4, 2019

Pyongyang Autumn Trade Fair (2019): The full exhibitor list

360 firms participating in this week’s expo – but who are they?

NK Pro September 24, 2019

Chinese company offering “custom order” North Korean smartphones at Pyongyang fair

Similar ‘waterdrop notch’ phones also introduced by DPRK company at trade fair

Colin Zwirko September 24, 2019

Fall trade fair kicks off in Pyongyang with new high of 350+ firms participating

Chinese companies once again dominate international participation

Colin Zwirko September 23, 2019

Chinese firm offering graphite materials for sale in North Korea

Trade in graphite with DPRK could risk sanctions designation from U.S. Treasury Department

Chad O'Carroll September 17, 2019

Health, light industry goods dominated scaled-down 2019 Rason trade fair 

Chinese company attendance lagged far behind presence at 2018 exhibition

Colin Zwirko September 11, 2019

North Korean media shows off "new" smartphone resembling Samsung Note 8

"Kiltongmu" phone reportedly manufactured by previously-unknown DPRK company

Colin Zwirko September 9, 2019

ROK Supreme Court to research DPRK foreign investment law, drawbacks

Research also aims to compare N. Korean investment laws with China's, other socialist countries

Dagyum Ji August 28, 2019

North Korean restaurant issuing reward card for loyal customers, photo shows

Pyongyang fast-food eatery offering points-based "preferred services" for regular visitors

Dagyum Ji August 22, 2019

North Korean imports of tobacco products continue to increase in June

DPRK tobacco imports out-pace reported spending on cereals, beverages, and refined oil

Leo Byrne August 8, 2019
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