April 06, 2020


Rachel Minyoung Lee

Rachel Minyoung Lee is a senior analyst at NK Pro. Prior to joining NK Pro, she worked as a senior North Korean media analyst for the U.S. Government. She is also a trained translator of North Korean media propaganda into English.


What to make of Kim Jong Un’s impromptu visit to Mount Paektu this week

State media reporting was rich in symbolism, projecting the DPRK leader's power and determination

Rachel Minyoung Lee October 16, 2019

On party founding anniversary, North Korea bolsters Kim Jong Un’s leadership

The Rodong Sinmun's unusual emphasis of Kim tracks with post-Hanoi developments

Rachel Minyoung Lee October 11, 2019

North Korea reinforces ideological education against “bourgeois” values

The renewed “class education” campaign builds on weapons tests and uptick in anti-U.S. rhetoric

Rachel Minyoung Lee October 10, 2019

The DPRK foreign ministry’s readout of Stockholm talks: key takeaways

North Korea's response to failed working-level negotiations appears to reflect hardened line

Rachel Minyoung Lee October 7, 2019

North Korean party daily calls national defense “number one” priority

A Rodong Sinmun article emphasizing defense capabilities appears to signal yet another shift

Rachel Minyoung Lee September 27, 2019

North Korea maintains subtle anti-U.S. rhetoric, despite diplomatic overtures

The party daily keeps up low-level criticism as DPRK withholds positive developments from the domestic public

Rachel Minyoung Lee September 23, 2019

North Korean leader’s sister Kim Yo Jong appears to have been promoted

State media suggests Kim holding broader, if not higher-profile, role in the ruling party

Rachel Minyoung Lee September 13, 2019

A return to byungjin? Signals from North Korean state media

Unusual emphasis of defense industry suggests DPRK may go back to simultaneous defense-economic development

Rachel Minyoung Lee September 6, 2019

Contextualizing North Korea’s August 2019 constitutional revision

The latest DPRK constitutional revision reinstates at least some of Kim Il Sung’s powers as “DPRK president”

Rachel Minyoung Lee August 30, 2019

North Korea’s fall 2019 parliamentary session: what to expect

Second SPA meeting this year likely to deal with smaller-scale issues and personnel shuffles than opening April session

Rachel Minyoung Lee August 28, 2019