November 17, 2019


Rachel Minyoung Lee

Rachel Minyoung Lee is a senior analyst at NK Pro. Prior to joining NK Pro, she worked as a senior North Korean media analyst for the U.S. Government.


In review: inter-Korean relations, prospects for change since the Hanoi summit

Ongoing Mount Kumgang issue merits a review of North-South ties in the wake of February's failed Kim-Trump meeting

Rachel Minyoung Lee November 12, 2019

North Korean criticism of U.S. for joint drills could signal bigger policy shift

Pyongyang’s unusual singling out of the U.S. for military drills with South Korea reflects a hardening position

Rachel Minyoung Lee November 7, 2019

North Korean media coverage of the October 31 weapons test: some oddities

The country's ruling party daily portrayed the latest missile launch as necessary for economic construction

Rachel Minyoung Lee November 1, 2019

North Korea appears to cement denuclearization talks policy

Pyongyang’s domestic reaffirmation of denuclearization talks policy shows resolve to follow through

Rachel Minyoung Lee October 29, 2019

What Kim Jong Un’s Mount Kumgang visit bodes for inter-Korean ties

Despite suggestions that Pyongyang may be creating an opening for talks with Seoul, such a policy shift appears unlikely

Rachel Minyoung Lee October 24, 2019

Ensuring Kim’s “absolute authority”: North Korea’s latest constitutional changes

The new measures, approved last month, grant Kim Jong Un even greater powers over the military and the state

Rachel Minyoung Lee October 23, 2019

After Kim’s Paektu visit, North Korea strongly hints at looming hard-line move

Follow-up media campaign following Kim Jong Un’s mountain trip hints at tough decisions looming

Rachel Minyoung Lee October 18, 2019

What to make of Kim Jong Un’s impromptu visit to Mount Paektu this week

State media reporting was rich in symbolism, projecting the DPRK leader's power and determination

Rachel Minyoung Lee October 16, 2019

On party founding anniversary, North Korea bolsters Kim Jong Un’s leadership

The Rodong Sinmun's unusual emphasis of Kim tracks with post-Hanoi developments

Rachel Minyoung Lee October 11, 2019

North Korea reinforces ideological education against “bourgeois” values

The renewed “class education” campaign builds on weapons tests and uptick in anti-U.S. rhetoric

Rachel Minyoung Lee October 10, 2019
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