December 13, 2019


Rachel Minyoung Lee

Rachel Minyoung Lee is a senior analyst at NK Pro. Prior to joining NK Pro, she worked as a senior North Korean media analyst for the U.S. Government. She is also a trained translator of North Korean media propaganda into English.


A return to byungjin? Signals from North Korean state media

Unusual emphasis of defense industry suggests DPRK may go back to simultaneous defense-economic development

Rachel Minyoung Lee September 6, 2019

Contextualizing North Korea’s August 2019 constitutional revision

The latest DPRK constitutional revision reinstates at least some of Kim Il Sung’s powers as “DPRK president”

Rachel Minyoung Lee August 30, 2019

North Korea’s fall 2019 parliamentary session: what to expect

Second SPA meeting this year likely to deal with smaller-scale issues and personnel shuffles than opening April session

Rachel Minyoung Lee August 28, 2019

Interpreting North Korea’s criticism of the U.S. in latest official, media commentaries

Shift in North Korea’s criticism from South Korea to the U.S. seems to be a tactical move prior to talks resumption

Rachel Minyoung Lee August 22, 2019

North Korean leadership appearances in July: Kim Jong Un dials up the pressure

The DPRK leader stepped-up military visits as Pak Pong Ju returned to regular economic inspections

Rachel Minyoung Lee August 9, 2019

State media coverage of North Korea’s August 6 missile launches: key takeaways

KCNA stresses technological perfection and leadership support for weapons programs

Rachel Minyoung Lee August 7, 2019

North Korean foreign ministry criticism of U.S.-ROK drills: why it’s significant

DPRK expresses continued interest in diplomacy, but warns of weapons development and deployment

Rachel Minyoung Lee August 6, 2019

North Korean media coverage of July 31 “artillery” launches: what was notable

Unusual emphasis on “modernization” and “ground military operations” suggests plans to bolster artillery

Rachel Minyoung Lee August 1, 2019

North Korean coverage of Thursday’s missile launches: key takeaways

Language in state media suggests Pyongyang may continue to engage in high-profile shows-of-force

Rachel Minyoung Lee July 26, 2019

Putting North Korea’s post-Panmunjom meeting actions into context

Thursday's missile test is part of a broader shift towards a hardening stance

Rachel Minyoung Lee July 25, 2019