December 13, 2019


Rachel Minyoung Lee

Rachel Minyoung Lee is a senior analyst at NK Pro. Prior to joining NK Pro, she worked as a senior North Korean media analyst for the U.S. Government. She is also a trained translator of North Korean media propaganda into English.


North Korea’s May 9 test: Kim Jong Un raises the stakes but keeps his options open

State media moderated its coverage of the DPRK's second missile launch in a week

Rachel Minyoung Lee May 10, 2019

Kim Jong Un’s April appearances: stepping-up economic, military activities

The month also saw some major political events and a summit in Vladivostok

Rachel Minyoung Lee May 9, 2019

How North Korean state media covered Saturday’s weapons test

Pyongyang is likely seeking to step-up pressure while avoiding a return to "fire and fury"

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Wrapping-up the Kim-Putin meeting: the KCTV summit documentary, in summary

State media sought to highlight strengthened ties in a short film

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Key takeaways from DPRK state media coverage of Kim-Putin Summit

What was new and notable about how state media presented the Kim-Putin summit

Rachel Minyoung Lee April 26, 2019

Four reasons N. Korea’s rejection of U.S.-ROK aerial exercises was important

“CPRC spokesperson’s press statement” marks a notch up from recent reports and commentaries in Rodong Sinmun

Rachel Minyoung Lee April 25, 2019

Kim Jong Un’s delegation to Russia: who’s who?

Key foreign policy figures dropped from DPRK leader's summit entourage, analysis shows

Rachel Minyoung Lee April 24, 2019

North Korea’s Wednesday “tactical” weapons test: reading between the lines

State media coverage offered some subtle throwbacks to the Byungjin days

Rachel Minyoung Lee April 19, 2019

North Korea’s movers and shakers meet: notable developments at the 14th SPA

Personnel reshuffles dominated DPRK's legislature first meeting on Thursday

Rachel Minyoung Lee April 12, 2019

The fourth plenum of the seventh party central committee: what stood out

Domestic economy, partial leadership shuffles dominate major WPK meeting

Rachel Minyoung Lee April 11, 2019