August 13, 2020


Rachel Minyoung Lee

Rachel Minyoung Lee was a senior analyst at NK Pro. Prior to joining NK Pro, she worked as a senior North Korean media analyst for the U.S. Government. She is also a trained translator of North Korean media propaganda into English.


Why North Korea’s “state visit” characterization for Xi Jinping is notable

State media used a rare phrase to report on the upcoming Sino-DPRK summit

Rachel Minyoung Lee June 18, 2019

Kim Jong Un’s condolences tread fine line between personal respect and politics

The leader's tribute to the late Lee Hee-ho sees Pyongyang keep the door open for dialogue with Seoul

Rachel Minyoung Lee June 13, 2019

Kim Jong Un’s May appearances: few activities marked by missile launch guidance

Military issues were front-and-center in a notably quiet month

Rachel Minyoung Lee June 9, 2019

Making sense of leadership hierarchy: the cases of Kim Yong Chol and Kim Yo Jong

Observers should avoid reading too much into state media imagery

Rachel Minyoung Lee June 7, 2019

Top brass: North Korea’s Political Bureau leadership, in full

State media coverage this week paints a fuller picture of recent promotions, organization hierarchy

Rachel Minyoung Lee June 5, 2019

North Korea continues to signal interest in munitions production, launches

The DPRK could be hinting at shifting priorities — and plans for more testing in the future

Rachel Minyoung Lee June 4, 2019

How North Korean media has covered the country’s ongoing “food problem”

Limited coverage of drought damage suggests situation remains manageable for the time being

Rachel Minyoung Lee May 22, 2019

North Korea’s response to the Wise Honest seizure: a wait-and-see attitude?

The DPRK continues to build pressure while exercising restraint

Rachel Minyoung Lee May 14, 2019

North Korea’s May 9 test: Kim Jong Un raises the stakes but keeps his options open

State media moderated its coverage of the DPRK's second missile launch in a week

Rachel Minyoung Lee May 10, 2019

Kim Jong Un’s April appearances: stepping-up economic, military activities

The month also saw some major political events and a summit in Vladivostok

Rachel Minyoung Lee May 9, 2019