August 13, 2020


Rachel Minyoung Lee

Rachel Minyoung Lee was a senior analyst at NK Pro. Prior to joining NK Pro, she worked as a senior North Korean media analyst for the U.S. Government. She is also a trained translator of North Korean media propaganda into English.


Why mum? Explaining North Korea’s continued silence on foreign policy

Pyongyang’s unusual lack of response to foreign affairs could portend bigger policy changes

Rachel Minyoung Lee February 14, 2020

Pro-North Korea website details how the country achieved “bumper crop” in 2019

Article in Tokyo-based Choson Sinbo seeks to bolster claims by Kim Jong Un at December party plenum

Rachel Minyoung Lee January 21, 2020

North Korea reshuffles its foreign policy top brass: potential implications

Appointment of a new foreign minister is not surprising, but Ri Son Gwon, if his appointment is confirmed, is

Rachel Minyoung Lee January 20, 2020

North Korean party plenum: bracing for “long-term confrontation” with U.S.

Kim Jong Un calls for domestic resilience and continued development of strategic weapons

Rachel Minyoung Lee January 1, 2020

Latest Central Military Commission meeting sets the stage for party plenum

The meeting's military and defense-heavy agenda indicates Pyongyang will likely adopt a hard line at the upcoming plenum

Rachel Minyoung Lee December 23, 2019

The upcoming party plenum: what policies Kim Jong Un may reverse, and announce

Recent events and state media signaling suggest the reversal of agreements made with the U.S. and South Korea in 2018

Rachel Minyoung Lee December 19, 2019

North Korean army official Pak Jong Chon appears to receive Politburo promotion

Korean People's Army General Staff chief Pak has been a leading voice in the DPRK's recent anti-U.S. military statements

Rachel Minyoung Lee December 17, 2019

Ahead of Biegun visit to Seoul, MFA statement signals uphill battle for U.S.

The DPRK foreign ministry leaves the door ajar for the U.S., but maintains hard line

Rachel Minyoung Lee December 13, 2019

Context and translation: party daily recollects Kim Jong Un’s 2019 achievements

Front-page article lauds the leader for strengthening national defense, building the economy

Rachel Minyoung Lee December 10, 2019

North Korea’s unusual Party plenum in late December: what to expect

An atypical decision to hold a late-year party plenum foreshadows a major hard-line policy shift

Rachel Minyoung Lee December 4, 2019
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