April 02, 2023


Ankit Panda

Ankit Panda is the Stanton Senior Fellow in the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and editor-at-large at The Diplomat. Follow him on Twitter at @nktpnd.


Towards mass production? The future of North Korea’s TELs

If Kim Jong Un is serious about his deterrent, the DPRK will need more missiles — and more launchers

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaOctober 17, 2018

What the Pyongyang Declaration means for N. Korea’s missile and nuclear program

Wednesday's agreement has symbolic value, but does little to speed up the DPRK's nuclear disarmament

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaSeptember 19, 2018

What to look for at North Korea’s September 9 military parade

ICBMs, conventional weapons, and possible indications of mass production

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaSeptember 5, 2018

Easier said than done: obtaining a North Korean nuclear inventory

Why getting a full listing of North Korea's programs will remain a challenge for the U.S.

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaSeptember 3, 2018

Why reports of continued N. Korean missile production should come as no surprise

The United States needs to wake up to the urgency of securing a DPRK production freeze

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaJuly 31, 2018

North Korea “dismantling” the Sohae satellite launch site: what to make of the reports

Overinterpreting Pyongyang's actions and intentions remains perilous

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaJuly 24, 2018

Ongoing North Korean nuclear activities: What to make of the NBC leaks

Report details third covert enrichment site, probable dissatisfaction in U.S. intelligence community

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaJune 30, 2018
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