October 24, 2020


Ankit Panda

Ankit Panda is the Stanton Senior Fellow in the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and editor-at-large at The Diplomat. Follow him on Twitter at @nktpnd.


What to make of Kim Jong Un’s new Hwasong-16 ICBM & Pukguksong-4 missile system

The world should expect to see the Hwasong-16 ICBM tested within the next year

Ankit Panda October 11, 2020

New ‘strategic weapon?’: What to expect at North Korea’s October military parade

Numerous North Korean transporter-erector-launchers and new conventional weapons may enjoy the limelight on Oct. 10

Ankit Panda October 5, 2020

North Korea’s nuclear program carries on, but it’s getting even harder to track

The new International Atomic Energy Agency report is shedding light on North Korea's recent nuclear activities

Ankit Panda September 7, 2020

The pros and cons of South Korea’s new, high-tech missile defense plans

Seoul rolled out an ambitious, five-year defense plan against the North with a domestic version of Israel's Iron Dome

Ankit Panda August 14, 2020

How sanctions failed to stop North Korea from developing dangerous weapons tech

An unpublished U.N. report details several key technological developments made by the DPRK in recent years

Ankit Panda August 7, 2020

‘Growing scope’ of North Korean nuclear weapons shown in unpublished UN report

DPRK activity linked to potential ballistic missile manufacturing and possible R&D on advanced weapons systems

Ankit Panda August 6, 2020

Wollo-ri: nuclear warhead storage area, manufacturing site, or military academy?

Analyses and sources conflict on what exactly the facilities are being used for

Ankit Panda July 10, 2020

North Korea’s military meets: a renewed focus on nuclear command and control

Saturday's CMC meeting underlined that self-reliant national defense remains a part of Kim Jong Un’s plans for 2020

Ankit Panda May 25, 2020

North Korea’s new ballistic missile support facility at Sil-li: key takeaways

New analysis offers important insights into Pyongyang's potential future missile basing decisions

Ankit Panda May 8, 2020

North Korea’s 2019 missile development: new details from the UN Panel

The report highlights just how far the DPRK has come in developing a range of short-range, solid-propellant missiles

Ankit Panda April 28, 2020
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